10 Things to Pack When You Travel
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10 Things to Pack When You Travel

What to pack for a trip? What are the most useful things to pack when you travel?

This note is practical and contains a list of the things that we always have on our trips. Many times these simple stuff helped us. We hope that this will also be a tip for you, because we had travel a lot to learned how to take a few but the most useful things with us. 🙂

  1. Multifunctional knife- spoon- fork- corkscrew and opener in one.

A brilliant invention! Easy replaces all the cutlery while traveling.

things to pack when you travel

  1. Vodka (40% or 97%)

We always take liquor on the journey. Usually, we just pour it into a plastic bottle to make it lighter for us, and to eliminate the risk of glass breakage.

Alcohol is useful both for disinfection and to drink when you are suffering from the food poison.

  1. Light microfiber towels

The weight of luggage is crucial for us. That’s why we always take on our journeys the lightest things possible. Our towels are made from microfiber and they are very light. In addition, they dry very quickly.


  1. Camera

This is an absolute must-have for traveller! It helps capturing our memories and making great videos. We don’t have camcorder and camera in 2 devices. We have everything in our Canon :).

We use the EOS 100D model, which is now the lightest DSLR available.

things to pack when you travel

  1. Waterproof jackets/ raincoats and waterproof case for bags

No matter where we go, we always take something waterproof to our luggage. It’s very important to have at least one waterproof bag during our trips. When the rain is heavy, we can put our camera, money, phones etc. into it, without any fear that it will get wet.

  1. Credit card

It’s must-have for a far journeys. In some countries (like USA), you can’t rent a car, book a hotel room or buy metro ticket without having credit card.

  1. At least 2 documents, kept in different places

We always take on our trips passports and driving licenses or IDs. We always keep these documents in separate places, in case someone will rob us. Having an ID helps to get a new passport fast, in case the old one was missing.

  1. Some dollars

We always have tens of dollars while we are travelling. This currency is appreciated in most countries on the world. We take this sum as a security buffer, in case we could not find an ATM.


  1. Insurance

We have insurance for every trip. Last year we’ve bought an Euro 26 card. Annual subscription costs about $35 and includes all countries except the USA and Canada (you need to buy additional insurance at a similar price for these two countries). In case of any accident, thanks to Euro 26 card, we will get reimbursed. The card also helps getting various discounts at museums etc.

  1. Sachets on the necks instead of wallets

As usual, we are very cautious, because we keep money in the sachets on our necks instead of wallets. We often hide it under shirts when many people are around, so no one would steal them.

We have two sachets -each of us carries his own. Money, cards and documents are separated in half.


What do you always take on your travels? Answer in comment!


  1. Haha I love that you always pack vodka. This is going on my crucial packing list going forward!

    For us our number one travel essential is an extension lead. It's amazing how few plug sockets you find abroad and for a digital couple like us, this won't do! Even with just one plug socket, as long as we have our extension lead we can charge all of our devices. Bonus? We only need one plug converter!

    • You are so right! We always forget to pack an extension lead and we are searching for it when we are abroad… Last month we were in Scotland and we are searching for this extension lead everywhere, haha :).