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Gniezno is a city that every Pole knows. It’s the first Polish capital.

We were very curious whether except of the historical significance, Gniezno has something else to offer. It turns out that … it doesn’t.


The old town is very pretty, but less impressive than in nearby Poznan. Famous Gniezno Doors (Drzwi gnieznienskie) is not publicly available, you must pay to see them. Family ticket costs 20 zloty ($6). In our opinnion it’s not worth to see them. The doors are antique, but it’s enough to see them in the pictures.

The gate is located at the Cathedral of Gniezno. The church is located on the Hill of Lech, it is big and has great historical significance. This is where the first kings of Poland were crowned, among others, Mieszko I.


The cathedral is very pretty and has a similar layout as the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. You are going around it, admiring the surrounding nave chapels. In the middle there is a baroque tomb and silver box with the relics of St. Adalbert.

In the church, there’s various payable attractions available-such as Gniezno Doors, Observation Deck or Undergrounds.

So much for what we saw in Gniezno … In our opinnion, it is also worth to go to the Museum of the Origins of Poland (Muzeum Poczatkow Panstwa Polskiego), but we unfortunately did not have time for this.

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