10 Relationship Misconceptions That Can Kill Your Love

10 myths about relationships. Total absurdity.
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10 Relationship Misconceptions That Can Kill Your Love

There are so many relationship misconceptions that people believe in! Whether you hear about them from your friends, or you read them on the Internet. 

People believe in these myths that can actually ruin their relationships. What is the truth and what is a lie? Keep on reading to find out… 

1. You have to be lucky to be in a happy relationship.

It’s not a matter of luck, but of the hard work. You have actively to search for your dream partner and then do everything to make it work. It’s not happening overnight. 

Let’s take me and Patryk as an example: we met on the NLP training. We both knew we like self-development and we want to be very successful in the future.

The training was the perfect place for us to meet. We would never be together if we hadn’t been in the right place and time.

2. ‘Everything will work out somehow’.

NOTHING will be OK if you don’t work hard on your relationship. If something goes wrong, you both need to fix it as soon as possible.

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Don’t wait until it will be too late.

Good relationships don’t just happen. They take time, patience and two people who truly want to be together.

3. Everyone has their secrets.

If you are just like Bridges Jones who hides in the bathroom to smoke, it’s not a big deal. It’s just a little and harmless secret.

But if you are sick, you got fired or have an affair and your partner doesn’t know about it, it’s REALLY bad.

The key to a good relationship is honesty. No matter how hard it is, the truth is always better than the lie.

4. Cheating before getting married does not count.

Have you ever heard it? It’s sound so ridiculous that it’s hard to believe that somebody actually thinks it’s true.

Marriage doesn’t change anything. If someone cheated before, it’s very likely that this person will do it again in the future.

5. It is impossible to be with one person for a lifetime.

It’s HARD but not impossible.

Of course, it’s easier to just run away when something goes wrong. But the thing is to stay and solve the problems together with your partner.

6. Love expires with time.

True love never ends.

It changes, but not expires.

Of course, after a few years, you won’t be as crazy about your partner, as in the beginning of your relationship. But is this really all about butterflies in your stomach?

The most important things are trust, friendship, and intimacy. 

7. ‘I attract bad people’.

Yeah, right. The relationship is never a matter of coincidence, but of CHOICE.

You are choosing a person to be with. It’s your decision. ALWAYS.

8. ‘I have no luck in love’.

Bad things happen. You can have a bad experience, but you should never give up.

There must be someone out there for you. Never stop looking for him/her.

9.Nobody wants me.

… because I am (stupid/ ugly/ fat/ worthless…)’. Choose whatever you want- it’s all FALSE.

Every single one of us is perfect on its own, very special way. You are attractive to many people. Just BELIEVE in yourself. This is the key to happiness.

10. ‘I will be with anyone just to avoid being lonely’.

It’s sad that loneliness is sometimes the main reason you are with someone.

There’s nothing bad with being alone. Sometimes it’s even better to give yourself a time to think

to download .pdf version of this article 

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