10 tips how to not overpay for luxury travels
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Luxury Travels don’t have to be expensive!

There are many ways to travel comfortable and don’t spend a lot of money on it.

Here are some tips how to do it:

1. Join loyalty programs – luxury travels

When it comes to the hotels, we always use booking.com

We know that other people’s opinnions are reliable and we always get discounts because we are in Genius Program.

When we have any problem with the hotel, great booking.com staff helps us.

Loyalty programs are also good for flights.  You gather miles and than you can change it for free ticket or upgrading to higher class.

2. Find some great online deals.

There are many amazing deals available on web. The most popular site is of course groupon.com

You can also join forum where other users will share news about current deals with you.

3. Compare prices.

Don’t ever buy anything before comparing prices. Sometimes different websites have completely different cost for hotels, flights etc.

Search for the best deal, spend some time on it and we’re sure you’ll get the best what you can.

4. Choose the right time.

Timing is the clue to success. Prices are always higher on holidays and Christmas. So better travel off season. You’ll pay less and you will avoid crowds.

5. Book in advance.

First minute prices are often very low. Almost everything booked in advanced will be cheaper: hotel, flight, museum tickets etc. So try to plan your trip early. You’ll surely save a lot of money on it.

6.  Use pricing mistakes.

This is not very ethical method. We, personally, never used pricing mistakes. But there are many people who do it. It’s up to you if you take advantage of somebody’s error or not.

What is price mistake? It’s system’s or employee’s failure in data input. F.e. the hotel costs $1 instead of $1000. If you book it for one dollar, there’s very likely that your order won’t be cancelled. It’s big company’s policy that they are responsible for their mistakes. But… a worker can be fired.
Pricing mistakes can be found on travel’s forums.

7. Always ask for discount or better standard.

You’ll be surprised how much you’ll get :). People give discounts more likely than we think. Don’t be affraid to ask for better standard, it’s very likely that it will be given to you.

8. Choose right credit card.

Some banks offer gathering points or miles for ever dollar that you spend. You can use it later for free flights, free hotel or free shopping.

Always search for credit card that will give you something for the money you spend. Compare different banks offers and take the best one for you.

9. Take part in competitions.

There are so many competitions where you can win All Inclusive trip, 5-star hotel or a flight! Why don’t taking part in it?  Just promise yourself that everyday you will find one competition and take part in it. After some time, you will win something for sure :). And you will have a lot of fun! Taking pictures, writing or thinking of some catchy slogans are very creative and good to your brain.

10. Use discount codes.

When you decide to buy something, always search for discount codes for this store/website. You’ll pay less and you can use these saved money on a drink or supper in some luxury hotel :).


  1. As hotels and guest houses like us ( Harmony Torquay UK) pay a whacking high commission of 15% + VAT on a booking via Booking.com we always advise to FIND the best place on the BC website and than look up the own website (a simple Google/Bing with name and location will do).
    Give the hotel a ring and you will get a lower price to stay there. BC claim they are the cheapest but with a bit of effort you can arrange the stay yourself and save at least 10%.
    Booking.com is an on-line Travel Agent so you only pay for the comfort of not having to do the work yourself. Cut out the middle man and save money.
    Read one of your own blogs with the comment of NOT using a travel agent.

    • That's really interesting suggestion. But what you are not saying, that booking.com gives you security of transaction. If hotel refuse to check you in, they will find you new accomodation for free and they will pay for transport to the new hotel.
      We are travelling a lot and different hotels (in Poland, Canada and recently in Italy) cancelled our bookings several tens of hours before our stay. Thanks to booking.com, we didn't have to worry about finding new accomodation. They did it for us and what's more- they gave us better standard!
      Maybe you can save something, but we still prefer feeling safe and don't waste time on our trip on searching new accomodation.

  2. Comparing prices is definitely one of the best things to avoid extra money being spent on luxury and budget travels. I always do a good research and visit different websites before booking anything!! Great tips, guys!


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