date ideas in Krakow
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11 date ideas in Krakow

Our Date Ideas in Krakow

1. Romantic dinner 

You can ear dinner in your apartment, in exclusive restaurant or in the normal pub on Kazimierz. We often used the offer on Groupon. You can eat a gourmet dinner, consisting of a starter, main course and dessert for very little money 🙂

2. Romantic walk on Rynek or Kazimierz.

Preferably in the evening 🙂 Krakow is beautiful by night. Without any doubts!

3. Going to the cinema.

We can choose either a popular theater, such as Cinema City or watch more ambitious films in the Kino pod Baranami.

4. Balloon flight.

We engaged in Krakow balloon, so we are very sentimental about this place :). The views from the top are beautiful, it’s really romantic.

5. Romantic walk over Wisla river.

You’d better go there during the day- in the evening, bloodthirsty mosquitoes are flying there! 😉

6. Climbing up on Mounds.

It’s an idea for few dates. It’s very good if its’ your first date. It will be an excuse for the next, because there are 6 mounds in Krakow 🙂

7. Father Bernatek footbridge.

It’s situated close to Galeria Kazimierz. Lovers should attached padlocks with their names to the railings on the bridge and throw the keys into the Wisla river. Very romantic.

8. Going to cabaret performance.

The idea for a laughing date!

9. Going to Aquapark.

Having fun certainly brings people together. In Krakow Aquapark you can go down on the slides, swim and finally relax in the jacuzzi.

10. Visit Chocolate Factory.

Krakowska Manufaktura Czekolady is situated on Szewska street, close to Teatr Bagatela.
You can either enjoy a delicious chocolate or eat a good dessert in there. At the end you can do some shopping in the store at the ground floor.

11. Going to Ogrod doswiadczen (Experience Garden).

Amazing place! It is possible to perform many physics experiments and have a lot of fun in there 🙂 Many of the exhibits are outdoor, so you’d better go there when the weather is good.
Karolina and Patryk in krakow



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