11 most interesting places on Subcarpathian Province (Podkarpacie)

Bieszczady in Subcarpathian Province
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Our ranking is subjective and includes 11 places that are the best to visit in Subcarpathian Province. We spend a lot of time in this region, we saw a lot in here and it was hard to choose the final eleven. But we finally managed to do it :). Take a look on our list below:

1. Castle Museum in Lancut in Subcarpathian Province

The undisputed winner! The most beautiful, the greatest and the most magnificent palace we have ever seen. It wowed us both inside and outside. It has a wonderful park, after which you can stroll with pleasure at any time of the year. The Lancut complex includes not only the castle but also a carriage house and Orchid Garden.

Lancut castle2. Bieszczady Mountains in Subcarpathian Province

The beauty of Bieszczady had already inspired many artists. These mountains as one of the few in Poland that are beautifully untainted, pure and wild. We love going in the Bieszczady Mountains, gain peaks, walk on Poloniny and breathe in the fresh, unpolluted air. This is one of the few places in Poland where you can truly unwind, forget about everything and just enjoy the present moment.

Bieszczady Mountains in Poland

3. Skansen in Sanok in Subcarpathian Province

This is the place where you can truly step back in time. Breathe in the smell of old wood, wonder that people ever slept on boards or hay. The area is quite large, so you can combine business with pleasure-walk and explore the museum of old buildings.


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4. The old town in Przemysl Przemysl wowed us!

We were there recently and in our opinion, the old town of the city is similar to Krakow. But in Krakow streets are flat and in Przemysl hilly, narrow and steep. We think it’s just perfect.

Road signs

5. Distillery Museum in Lancut

Not very popular place, which is a pity… Distillery museum is located in Polmos Vodka Factory, right next to the train station. It is not generally open to the public, you need to make an appointment at least a week in advance. The group must have 10-20 people. Despite these difficulties, we believe it is worth to go there. This is a very elite place-the only museum like this in Poland and one of the few in the world. In the store, you can buy local spirits, and above all- rosolises! Rosolis alcohol is prepared on natural ingredients from old recipes. It is produced only in Lancut. So it is worth to go there -because the world does not have a lot of places like this.

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6. Underground in Rzeszow

In our opinion, it is a must see tour, if you ever visit the capital of Subcarpathian Province. The underground route is located in the heart of the city, in the old town, so it will be easy to get there.

Rzeszow old town

7. Paclawska Calvary

The place of miracles, every year plenty of pilgrimages come there. Everyone will find something interesting here- believers will pray and atheist will admire the beauty of Sanctuary.

Paclawska Calvary

8. Castle in Baranow Sandomierski

It is less impressive than Lancut castle, but it certainly makes an impression J. It’s worth to take a short break here- it is the lake and the golf course in the neighborhood, so you’ll have a lot to do.

Us in Bieszczady

9. Arboretum in Bolestraszyce in Subcarpathian Province

Beautiful park, planted with amazing trees, bushes and flowers. Place for walking, learning and for entertainment- the garden even features a fireplace, so you can bring sausages and fry them in the interval between successive admiring the plants.

Bieszczady in Subcarpathian Province

10. Centre of glass heritage in Krosno

It is also a unique place of Subcarpathian Province. You can see here how to do glasses, plates, and vases, as well as learn about the history of glass. We really enjoyed it 🙂

Subcarpathian Province

11. Doll museum in Pilzno

The most famous doll museum in Poland. It has a really impressive collection of dolls. It can take you to a different, magical world.

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