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2 Days in Venice itinerary For Couples

Romantic Venice Itinerary 2 days

Have you ever thought of proposing to your love while on the road? Maybe during a trip to one of the most romantic destinations in Italy, and in the world in general – Venice? Well, it’s always like this super dream which each and every one of us would want to live, raising a toast to our relationships in the midst of picturesque Venice. Plus, Venice houses some of the most romantic cottages in Italy where you can spend some memorable moments with your loved one.



The Grand Canal, Rialto Bridge, Doge’s Palace, Basilica Di San Marco, Piazza San Marco, Peggy Guggenheim Collection, are some of the coveted destinations of Venice. These spots attract tourists, especially couples, in large numbers. But they are just the most popular places in Venice. Almost every traveler visiting this romantic Italian city go there. Have you ever thought of traveling off the beaten path? Going to less popular spots that are equally beautiful and charming, and also less crowded? These unusual spots make for a perfect romantic getaway as well. And you can discover these not-so-popular destinations while your 2 days in Venice. If you have a tight schedule and you want to have a quick romantic Venice weekend trip with your partner, you can definitely make your way to some of these unusual destinations in the city. Now, do not lose your sleep over planning an itinerary for the two-day trip. Here’s a quick-fix to your problem. 

Contarini del Bovolo Palace

Contarini del Bovolo Palace
Looking for a perfect 2 days in Venice itinerary? Go to Contarini del Bovolo Palace.

Located near Campo Manin, this palace is an architectural beauty. It was built in the year 1499. The picturesque architecture of Bovolo palace is a mix and match of the Renaissance, Gothic and Byzantine period. The palace is famous for its spiral stairs. Some people call Bovolo staircase the most beautiful staircase in Italy. It isn’t that famous though, it attracts a lesser number of people. So, if you are one of those who doesn’t like to wander around crowded places, this palace is for you.

How much time would you need for sightseeing?

1-2 hours are more than enough for sightseeing. But however, it depends on you. If you are one of those who like to have a detailed visit to the site, then it would take you around 2-3 hours, not more than that. 

Ticket price

You can book a visitor’s ticket to this place online. For adults, it will cost you $8, You can even get hold of a concession of up to $6, only if you are under 26. Also, entry is free for children up to 12-year-old. 


If you want to know everything about Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo, visit this place with a tour guide. You cannot miss out on this beautiful gem. It seems like a palace straight out of a romantic novel.

Santa Sofia Palace or Ca’ d’Oro

Palazzo Santa Sofia
Palazzo Santa Sofia is a must-see as a part of your 2 days Venice itinerary.

Much like the Bovolo palace, Santa Sofia palace is yet another romantic architectural treat which isn’t much talked about. Built between 1428-1430, this palace holds a lot of importance as it was built for the Contarini family. This family was really influential then. Built in the Venetian Floral Gothic Style, this palace exudes a vintage essence. It will certainly take you back down the memory lane. If you and your partner are art lovers, then this is definitely your kind of place. It houses an art gallery, displaying masterpieces by greatest Venetian artists such as Carpaccio, Tiepolo, Tintoretto etc.

How much time would you need for sightseeing?

The sightseeing will take you an hour, probably not more than that. 

Ticket price

You can get hold of the tickets at the palace itself, but if you book the tickets in advance online, it will save a lot of your time. Admission ticket will cost you around $17. You will be asked to show the ticket at the gate. You can either have a hard copy of the ticket, or you can show the ticket on your mobile. 


You can go all by yourself to this place or take a trip around the gallery with the help of a guide. Now, because at times you might miss out on the tickets, you can book them in advance. Though it continues to be an unusual tourist attraction, it’s gradually becoming quite famous among people. 

Poveglia Plague Island

Credit: Jean-Pierre Dalbéra

This island, for your information, is uninhabited. Located a few miles away from Venice, it has a dark past. This tiny island has been a storage place for weapons during Napoleon’s rule. The location has also witnessed a series of small wars. Also, there was a mental hospital in the year 1922 where a doctor butchered his patients to death. Later on, the doctor was killed or he is known to have fallen from a bell tower accidentally. Poveglia is called the ghost island and it’s one of the most haunted places around Venice. 

How to get there?

You can take a boat to this place. It will cost you somewhere around $146. It’s the cheapest you can aim for. You can also join a guided tour with Poveglia being a part of it. Book it online here.

How much time would you need for sightseeing?

Well, there’s no such stipulated time period. This place is infamous for its history. You might end up spending an hour or an entire day to know this place inside out. So, it completely depends on your preference.

Ticket price

You do need not buy a ticket. You just go there and make the most of this place. 


This continues to be unsafe so think twice before you plan a trip to Poveglia. You will certainly make your partner’s heart skip a beat. It’s a bit risky, but it’s fun when it’s risky, isn’t it? Also, do a proper study before you make way to this infamous island. 

The Mad Coloured Houses of Burano

burn colorful Venice
Looking for romantic Venice places? Go to Burano.

These colourful houses on Venetian Island is a treat to watch. You can visit Burano with your partner and add some madness to the trip. Now, Venice is known for its architectural beauty. But at times too much of something becomes boring. So these houses come across as a change. Inhabited by fishermen, Burano is famous for the multi-coloured houses. There are two distinct reasons as to why the fishermen coloured their houses with such bright colours. First, to make their property distinct from their neighbour’s and the second reason being to make their houses visible from a far-flung distance.

How to get there?

You can get there via a local water Venice taxi or a vaporetti. Burano is perfect for idea for one of the day trips from Venice. It will take you 40 mins to reach this place. You can also join a guided tour to Burano.

How much time would you need for sightseeing?

You would require around 2-3 hours to know the place properly inside out. 

Ticket price

There’s no ticket involved here. 


This place is a treat for lovers. It’s the best place for a stroll. You can walk down hand in hand with your lover, discussing this amusing place and basking in its warmth. What makes it more special is the afternoon sun. So, the best time to visit this place is in the afternoon. You are bound to fall in love with this place in the afternoon. All thanks to the sun. 

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Lazaretto Nuovo

Venice mask black white
Looking for some thrill during your romantic Venice weekend? Go to Lazaretto Nuovo.

This place is known to have housed vampires. Recently, during an expedition in the year 2005, researchers came across the skull of a woman. The woman’s mouth was jammed with a brick. Now, that’s apparently a technique to kill vampires. Lazaretto Nuovo was built after Lazzaretto Vecchio. The latter was a hospital especially meant for plague patients. Whereas, Lazaretto Nuovo was built in the year 1468, as a station for the incoming ships and cargoes. Many people who were down with plague had apparently taken refuge on this island. 

How to get there?

You can take ferry number 13 that runs from Fondamenta Nove stop to the island of Sant Erasmo. You need to make a special request to the driver to stop at this island as the ferry generally doesn’t stop here due to its infamous history. 

How long would it take for sightseeing?

Well, you can spend an entire day here, if you are that adventurous. Or else you can just come down to this place for an hour or two, have a cursory glance and push off to your next destination. So, to cut it short, there’s no stipulated time period for sightseeing.


You don’t need a ticket to visit the island. 


Make your way to this place at your own risk. It continues to hold a bad name. If you and your partner are daring enough to do something or undertake something this risky, please do make your way to this island. Also, the experience would be a tad bit different. So, you can visit this place just for the heck of it. Also, this place can give you some real good Insta images. This is a perfect place for photographers.

Ponte Dei Pugni

Credit: Didier Descouens

Generations of Venetians have had epic fist fights atop Ponte Dei Pugni bridge. It started off in the year 1600 in the month of September. The opponents would try their best to blow off the other and throw him down the canal. And not to forget, the bridges didn’t have railings. So, now you know the fights were quite nasty. However, these fights came to a close by 1705. The fights lost popularity and the duels came to an end. Although the fights took place on a number of bridges, some of the famous bridges witnessing such nasty fights were namely the Diedo bridge, Ponte della Guerra bridge at San Marziale and Ponte della Guerra at San Zulien.

How much time would you need for sightseeing?

You would require around 2-3 hours to have a good hold of this place. This place has a lot of history. So, if you are fond of history, this place is just for you. 


You don’t need a ticket to visit this place.


This place has got a history which is quite amusing. Who would have thought of having fist duels on a bridge without railings? That’s not only risky but also bone-chilling. So you can just be here for a while and imagine the situation this place would have been subjected to during such duels. Now, this isn’t a perfect romantic getaway kind of a destination, but you can always have fun. And you might end up having a fistfight with your partner (well that’s a joke ;)).

Now, that you are well aware of some of the unusual places of Venice, do not make your way to ordinary holiday Venetian destinations. Try out something different this time around. You might end up having a ball visiting these unusual places. Also, do not forget to carry your camera. These places will certainly make for interesting frames for your Instagram. So, hurry up. Book your tickets, pack your bags and make way to these unusual Venetian destinations as soon as possible. Plus, do proper research before you visit any of the aforementioned places. Have a good knowledge of the history of each of these places. Some of these places might turn out to be dangerous, so take proper precautions before you leave. And now, you might just get set go and make the most of your trip.

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