2014 year in review and New Year's resolutions for 2015
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2014 year in review and New Year’s resolutions for 2015

Another year is coming to an end. For both of us, 2014 was the best year of our lives. 2014 year in review looks amazing for us.

Never before have we traveled so much. We’ve never been so happy and proud of ourselves. Our company had a huge crisis, but we are out of the woods now. And what’s the most important- we got married!

We were full of doubts at the beginning of year 2014. Everything went wrong. We didn’t have money and plans for the future. We only had dreams at tickets to Asia.

We’ve never expected that we will be travelling a lot.


2014 was also a year when we started blogging for real. We were blog owners since 2013, but we weren’t focused on it before.

Right now, we can finally say that our blog is getting more and more popular.

Thanks for reading this and being with us! You are our inspiration, our support and our strenght.

Every comment, every new like on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus makes us smile. Every email you write to us gives us energy. It’s so good to know that our story inspire you!

We are here to help you. So if you have something to say or ask- go ahead!

Here are some numbers of 2014:

  • We spent 115 days in hotels (more than 30% of the whole year).
  • We’ve slept in 30 hotels.
  • We had 18 flights (http://flightdiary.net/karolinapatryk).
  • We’ve been to 3 continents.
  • We visited 7 new countries.
  • We’ve been to 10 countries.
  • We made 25,000 miles by car (driving only in Poland)
  • We made made more than 4,000 miles by buses.
  • We had 2 days wedding for 165 guests.


2015 New Year’s resolutions:

  1. Visit Africa or/and Iceland.
  2. Visit at least 5 new countries.
  3. Buying an apartment.
  4. Company and blog development.
  5. Swimming everyday.
  6. Be as happy as in 2014 year.
  7. Don’t stop fulfilling our dreams from the Bucket List.

That’s it! We don’t want to make this list long because it won’t be real.

How about you? What was your best experience of 2014 year? What are your New Year’s resolutions?


  1. Absolutely beautiful pictures guys! I can't stop looking at how happy you are together! Pack lite, travel far and live looooooong!!


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