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3 Days in Sicily Itinerary: What You Can Do In Sicily During a Weekend?

It’s hard to choose the best places to visit in Sicily, that’s why it’s good to spend here more than just a weekend. However, we are all working so it may be difficult to take a long leave. Don’t worry! 3 days in Sicily may be enough if you plan your itinerary carefully. With a good organization, it is possible to have a glimpse of the great beauties of the island. It will just want to make you come back later and see more.

In Sicily, there are two main airports, Palermo on the west coast and Catania on the east coast. If you land in Catania, the best thing to do is to explore the city center which withholds all of its beauties.

Here is the suggested Sicily itinerary that we have for you:

Day 1 of Sicily 3 Days
Strolling through Catania

Whether you land in Catania in the morning or in the afternoon, a stroll through the historical center streets is necessary. We advise you to move along on via Etnea, the main street of the city. If you land in the morning, you definitely should visit the Pescheria (Fish Market), where you will be able to cherish the authentic Sicilian folklore among its perfumes and the vendors’ screaming to sell their products.

Leaving the market, you will arrive in Piazza del Duomo, where you will see the Elephant Fountain in lava stone standing out and looking out to the Cathedral dedicated to Saint Agatha. The Cathedral is right in front of the Chiesa Della Badia di Sant’Agata which is definitely worth a visit.

Other locations that are worth a visit are the Roman amphitheater, Villa Bellini, Via San Giuliano, and definitely, stop at the Bar Savia in order to taste the best arancino in town. Don’t forget to try cannoli too!


Day 2 of Sicily 3 Days
Visit Mount Etna

The first thing everybody notices in Catania is the presence of the volcano. During the second day of your stay, you should consider a day trip in a Jeep to Etna. There are several tours that include pick-up and drop-off in Catania.

Be sure to wear comfortable clothes and shoes! During your tour, you will visit a lava-flowing cave and an ancient lava flow from which you can admire the immense Valle del Bove, a very extended volcanic valley that originated about 25 thousand years ago. After the packed lunch, you will move towards the Park of Alcantara Valley.

Generally, these tours last all day long, once you get back to the hotel, we advise you to simply relax.

jeep tour on mount etna
Jeep tour on Mount Etna is a must while in Sicily.

Day 2 of Sicily 3 Days
Tour with a private driver

Thanks to Catania’s strategic position it is possible to reach the main attractions of Sicily. How could you pass on a full day among the Sicilian baroque beauties or the Temple Valley in Agrigento? A driver will come and pick you up at your hotel so that you will be able to dedicate your day to culture. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask him for answers!

The third day is really flexible, so it’s up to you how are you going to spend it.

Valley of Temples in Agrigento
Valley of Temples in Agrigento is an interesting place to visit in Sicily.

Your 3 days in Sicily end here. You will probably be left with a great desire to come back to Sicily as it will be very hard to find such landscapes anywhere else in the world.

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