4 reasons to visit South Africa

Penguins in South Africa
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The southernmost country in the African continent is the beautiful and enchanting South Africa. With its pristine natural beauty and mysticism, no wonder it is one of the revered destinations for people all over the world. Natural beauty of South Africa boasts of some of the exquisite sights in the world in terms of both flora and fauna. It is a place which has something for everyone whether its serenity, adventure, relaxation or just pure fun. Although no one really needs a specific reason to visit this country; here are a few of my own:

Reasons to visit South Africa

  1. Table Mountain

The mesmerising flat top mountain which overlooks the city of Cape Town is one of the sought after places to see in South Africa. The flat top of the mountain gives ample opportunity for some amazing nature photography. This plateau is a natural wonder and is often thought to have been cut off at the top by seas a few million years ago. The top of the plateau is approx. 3 kilometres wide end to end with stiff cliffs on the edges. The top of the mountain can be reached using the cableway or one can always enjoy the hike.

On top of table mountain wanderwithjo.com

2. Boulders Beach

Ever wondered where else in the world (apart from Antarctica) can one see the cute little creatures called penguins. Well, the answer can be seen in Boulders beach or Boulders Bay near Simon’s Town in Cape Town. A colony of African penguins settled in this small strip of beach in 1982 and has made it their home. It is an awesome sight to see so many penguins frolicking together. Since the beach is nestled within big rocks and boulders, it acts as a natural boundary for the colony to thrive within.

4 reasons to visit South Africa

3. Zululand Rhino Reserve

Located within the province of Kwazulu-Natal, Zululand Rhino reserve is a conservation effort to protect Rhinos. Being in such close proximity with jungles and forests, the big five can be seen here too. The reserve takes pride in the fact that the last few surviving western Africa black Rhinos are here which were thought to be extinct. Apart from these majestic animals, there are lions, cheetahs, wild buffaloes, wildebeest, hippos, etc. all of which can be seen in and around easily. Not to mention the beautiful birds which can be spotted here are quite something to look for.

black rhino on road wanderwithjo.com

4. Kruger National Park

One of the biggest game drives in the continent of Africa is located just outside Johannesburg and is known as Kruger National Park. It is probably the most recognised name when game drives are concerned as all the big five game animals are on view. Although Kruger is mainly known for the concentration of lions within the park, other animals such as African elephants, wild dogs, hyenas, rhinos, etc. can be seen every time. The rangers, wardens and guards are so well equipped with knowledge of the animals that they can even sense where an animal might be and spot them even through dense forests. They also help spread awareness and knowledge among visitors so that the majestic animals can be conserved.

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Well, there are hundreds of other reasons to visit South Africa apart from wildlife such as diving with sharks, swimming with whales, sky diving, etc. But wildlife has and always remain the main focus for a visit to South Africa.

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