4 stupid things about modern world
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4 stupid things about modern world

Traveling around the world and talking with people from many countries helped us understand the paradoxes and stupid things about modern world.

We are not as free as we think we are…

Below we summarized our conclusions and insights. Read the most stupid things about modern world.

1. Clothes.

Appropriate outfit‘ is something we don’t understand at all.

WHY somebody else should tell you what to wear?

Why when you expose your shoulders and knees, you can’t go inside any temple or church? Are you really insulting God or it’s all about other people? How prudish and hypocritical they are?

We are all the same underneath our clothes. We are not talking about walking around naked, but come on! Everybody saw people wearing bikinis on the beach.

We don’t understand why there are some places you can’t expose your body. It’s just stupid.

2. Law.

Law is supposed to protect us from bad things. But the fact is, most of regulations made us slaves.

Politicians say we are free. But it’s not true.

In most countries we can’t decide about our lives (euthanasia, abortion), habits (drugs, marijuana) and money (compulsory taxes).

This is a paradox of the modern world– we think we are more advanced, free and clever than people in the past. But the fact is, we are getting more and more enslaved.

3. Expressing love.

This is the thing we hate the most! WHY people are scandalized when a couple kiss or hug on the street?

Is it really hurt someone’s feelings? Why we don’t react when we see people fighting or screaming on little kids?

We just can’t understand this.

4. Religion.

Faith wars are something we can’t understand. We think all religions are the same. The point is to be a good person and don’t hurt other people. No matter if you are Christian, Muslim, Jew or anyone else.

The fact is nobody knows what will happen to us after we die. We can only suppose or believe in heaven/ Nirvana/ hell/ Last Judgment etc.

We were all born innocent, trustful and curious about the world. And we all should stay that way until we die.

Praying and profession of faith are beautiful. But everyone should do it the way he wants. Without any pressures of the outside world.

What do you think about it? Do you agree with us?



  1. Nothing personal but I choose to disagree with you on some of your views. I’ll start with number 1…Appropriate outfit. I’m assuming that you’re talking about churches, synagogues or mosques. Besides the obvious connections of function they have another thing in common. They are all owned and were constructed by other people who assign high value to their existence. What I’m hearing is you have no respect for what is theirs but you expect them to assign precedence to your right to disrespect their rights. In Texas we’d call that being rude. No one is forcing you into those places at gunpoint and if you choose to disagree with their expectations you can also choose to walk on past.

    Number 2 is Law an area that you and I might come close to agreeing on. My view is that changes in the law always take things away from groups against their will and redistributes what has been taken away to others in exchange for money, political favors and of course power. But then, look at places in the world without a strong legal foundation. Nearby Mexico is a fine example–a place with weak law and strong drug cartel presence–a place where bags of human heads are routinely found by the side of roads–not the heads of politicians, gangsters or drug billionaires but of the ordinary folk. Our system is corrupt here but I wouldn’t swap a minute of my life for the “freedoms” of any Mexican citizen.

    Item number 3, expression of love. I’m thinking that what is seen on the street is affection and that love is an emotion that goes considerably beyond hugs and kisses. Affection is a good thing for humanity as is flirtation and projections of sexiness but I believe that it’s important for society to set some boundaries. Here in the USA we have at least one ethnic group with a 75% single mother birth rate. That almost guarantees that a child or children born under this circumstance will spend its life in poverty, regardless of what society does to save it. I guess that could be called excess expression of love…not necessarily a good thing for the human condition.

    Lastly, religion–the briar patch of the human condition. I’ll start by saying that pretty much ALL major religions have gone thru major rough patches. Old testament Jews committed their share of mayhem as did Catholics during the Crusades, the Inquisition and the colonial epochs. Islam didn’t come to exist till significantly later so its rough patch was delayed till today. Both Judaism and Christianity ultimately reformed as will Islam in the future. Time spent in the old city of Jerusalem will quickly demonstrate that the religions are interleaved and much more alike than different but more importantly from a macro viewpoint religion provides the moral underpinnings of societies as well as their rule of law and heredity. On the micro side of the equation there are some small minded folks who want control using religion as their lever but IMO the greatest damage to societies is done by small minded seculars who seek to tear down the order religion provides. Any of TVs alphabet channels will substantiate that during any news cycle.

    That’s the end of my commentary…I wish both of you a good and happy life. Keep in mind that people only regret the chances they didn’t take….J

    • Hi!

      1. The fact that we don't agree with this rule, doesn't mean we don't wear appropriate outfit.
      We always respect other cultures. Just take a look at our photos from any church or mosque :).

      2. If there were no borders you would not have to be afraid of anything.
      At point two we weren't talking about U.S. but about the world. America is very tolerant and respects human rights: more things are legal in U.S. than f.e. in Europe or Asia.
      United States is only one country. There more than hundred more on the world, were people are still enslaved.

      3. You are right, single mothers many children in poor families are big problems.
      But do you really think that forbidding kissing on the street will reduce the birth rate in these population groups? We don't thin so.

      4. Ha! You are totally right. Nothing more to say :).

      Wish you all the best too!


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