4 the most popular myths about travelling
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4 the most popular myths about travelling

Did you ever wonder what are the most popular myths about travelling? Things that people believe in even though they are false? Below you will find some of them.

1. Travelling is expensive.

Wrong! You don’t need to have a lot of money to explore the world. We know many people who are quite poor and they are travelling despite this.

The whole point is about good organization. You need to plan everything carefully and search for good deals before you go somewhere.

For example: buy plane tickets in advanced (we always use Sky Scanner for this), few months before your trip. Now search for a good and cheap accomodation, transportation etc.

When you are abroad, eat like locals.

Always think how you can save some money. When you act chaotically and leave everything for the last minute, you will pay more for sure.

Travelling is not expensive. It’s all the matter of good planing skills.

2. Travelling is only for people without children.

No! Travelling is for everybody: young, old, single, married, with our without children.

There are plenty of blogs who write about family travels. They are teaching how to go on the trip with children.

It’s not kids who are affraid of travels, it’s their parents!

We know personally at least 5 families who are exploring the world with children. If they can do it, you can do it too!

Hopefully in the future, we will write more about it. We won’t stop travelling even when we have kids :).

3. Travelling is dangerous.

We are surprised how many people believe that it’s dangerous abroad. They think only their home country it’s safe.

Well, they are wrong… You can be robbed in the Switzerland or you can feel safe in Somalia. People are travelling to many different places. Most of them are just fine.

It’s not dangerous abroad. You only have to read about local customs before you go there. Be respectful. Wear nikab in Iraq and try not to walk alone after dark at Bronx.

There are few dangerous countries on Earth, but most of the world is safe. You can find good and bad people everywhere, no matter if you are in Europe, America or Asia.

4. Travelling is difficult.

We often hear that it’s really difficult to plan the trip. You have to be proffessional to organize everything.

If you want to feel comfortable, you have to use travel agency.

Wrong! When you go to travel agent, you pay him for your peace of mind. You give him $500 only to get rid of the fear you would feel if you organize everything on your own.

Travel agency will give you exactly the same thing, you can buy on your own. The only difference is the commission.

For example- we planned our honeymoon in Dominican Republic. For holidays like this, we would have to pay $3000 per person to travel agent.

We spend some time and organized everything by ouserselves. And you know what? We saved $1500 per person! Only because we managed to find good deals.

It wasn’t difficult, it was just a little time-consuming :).

Do you agree? What are the funniest myths about travelling you’ve ever heard?


  1. Great list Karolina and Patryk! I especially hear about it not being safe abroad, I've felt safer abroad than in my home country at times! It's all about trusting your gut and just like you said, making sure you read about local customs before hand.


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