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Travel Problems

Travelling is a great pleasure, it is addictive, full of adventures and experiences passion. However, not always during the journey we meet only good things. Below we made a subjective ranking of the most common travel problems that we faced ‘on the road’ and how to deal with them.

  1. Too heavy/ wrong sized luggage

This travel problems can happen everywhere- on the plane, bus or train. We may not be admitted to the deck due to inadequate luggage. What to do? First of all, we should protect ourselved beforehand. Whether you’re going somewhere for a week, a month or even a year-you should always pack in one suitcase. There is no point in taking several dozen of T-shirts and shorts. You’d better take for example, 7 for every day of the week and make a laundry in your hotel. The lighter your luggage is, the more convenient is your journey.

If you realize that you have too many things where you are already on the airport or station, you will need to throw away some stuff. The easiest way is to get rid of cosmetics (you can buy them everywhere and they are relatively heavy), food and beverages. In extreme situations, you can dress yourself in a few extra clothes ;). The carriers can be easily fooled -nobody controls the weight of the person, they control only the weight of luggage. So you can wear up to ten t-shirts and no one has the right to deny you.travel problems

  1. Loss of documents/ money

Very unpleasant situation. This time you also need to protect yourself first. Documents and money should be situated in different places. Keep some cash in your pockets, some in the wallet, leave the rest in the hotel safe.

If you lose everything, you need to go to Embassy of your country. If you live in EU, you can go to any embassy that country is in European Union. There you will get the necessary help and guidance what you should do.

  1. Illness

If this is the common cold or poisoning, you should just stay a day or two in the hotel. However, if high fever persists for a long time, you should go to the doctor. Travel insurance will cover the costs of treatment. It’s really very, very important to buy insurance before you go overseas. We personally use the Euro 26 card.

For lighter diseases, we can go to the pharmacy and ask the pharmacist about medications for our ailments. In most countries a pharmacist should speak in English.

  1. Tricksters

Unfortunately, pushy sellers or beggars can be very disruptive. They can follow us for a very long time, trying to persuade us to do something. The best way to deter them is to avoid eye contact, do not elaborate on any discussions, showing no interest. If someone is following us for a long time, let us go there, where a lot of people are. Do not go into dark alleys or secluded place, because you never know who is the person that follows you.

  1. Getting lost in an unknown place

I think every traveler has been lost somewhere at least once :). But this is not so bad! We easily solved this matter- always when we are abroad, we buy a phone card with Internet access. We put it into a spare phone and use when we need to. If we get lost in a strange place, we just turn on Google Maps and follow its instructions :). If you are not in favor of modern technology, you must buy traditional map. And do not be afraid to ask other people for directions :).



  1. #5. First day in Mumbai I road the rails for 4 hours trying to get to my destination. The trains are very confusing and I had to switch trains. I was also told the wrong information on several occasions. I didn't mind too much it was a little fun, but I could have done with just easily getting there.

    • Sometimes really weird things happen during travels… All you have to do is to be calm and don't worry too much about changing circuimstances! Like you did in Mumbai :).

  2. re: #2 agree! although I ditched the whole wallet /purse conglomeration 8+ yrs ago and found the best thing is to safely & discreetly WEAR essentials on different places of my body with PortaPocket. This way I never need to babysit a bag nor worry about where my things are when I need ’em NOW (like ID, cash, cards, passport, girly stuff ya know,+++ 😉 Great post. xo


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