5 Wildlife Holidays to Try This Year

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5 Wildlife Holidays to Try This Year

Get out of the office this year and try a holiday spent in nature. Your mind will thank you, your body will thank you, and you will get a chance to experience something truly unique.  So throw on some comfortable clothes, a pair of well worn shoes, and head out on one of these five wildlife holidays.

Ride among Polar Bears in Chilly Churchill

The best way to have a Polar Bear experience is to take a ride on a vehicle specially designed just for this. It has six feet tall tires and a cage over the top so that you can ride amongst the bears comfortably without worrying about your personal safety. View these majestic bears from above as they frolic in the snow and forage for food. At night you can watch the magnificent Northern Lights as they set the night sky on fire.


Safari In Zambia

Zambia has nine national parks and they are all great places for experiencing the thrill of a safari. You can plan your itinerary with exciting guided walking tours and guided nighttime drives. You can expect to see animals like majestic leopards, impalas, and mighty lions in their natural habitat. You can travel between the parks by private plane as they are spread quite far apart. Do not forget to plan a trip to the world famous Victoria Falls on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. With a height of 108m it is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and it will leave you awestruck. Here you can find information about Zambia.


Safari in Uganda

Seeing gorillas in the wild is one of the main reasons why it’s worth to choose Safari in Uganda. This country has much more to offer though, the incredibly beautiful Lake Victoria will stay in traveler’s heart for ever.

Hands down, Uganda is one of the best countries in Africa, especially for nature lovers. There is no other place with so diversified wildlife.

Gorillas in Uganda
Credit: WikiMedia

Bird Watching In Bhutan

Bhutan, a small kingdom on the southern slopes of the eastern Himalayas, is a fabulous spot for expert bird watchers or novices on their first trip. The best time of year for this is mid March to late May. There are over seven hundred different species that you may spot. You can take guided bird watch tours with local guides who know where the best places to view the birds are. You can expect to see species like and, the Tawny Fish Owl, Crested Pied Kingfisher, or even the rare White Bellied Heron. You may even see the annual migration of rare birds such as the Black-Necked Crane which is a symbol of peace to the Tibetan Buddhists.

bird bhutan

See The Great Migration In Tanzania

Travel to Tanzania, home of the Serengeti, in the early spring and you will get to watch the Great Migration which coincides with the rainy season. Each year thousands of wildebeest and zebras make their way across the vast grasslands followed by their natural enemies like lions, hyenas, and leopards. Birds follow closely to eat what is left behind. This stunning natural journey is like nothing else in the world and it is a feast for the senses. There are many tour companies in Tanzania but the one that, in our opinion, is the most trustworthy is Tanzania Odyssey.


Whale Watching In Sri Lanka

Take a trip to Mirissa on the south coast of Sri Lanka to view fabulous whale watching.  There are a variety of species of whales that migrate through these waters and you may get to see Killer Whales, Bryde’s Whales, Sperm whales, Fin Whales or even a glimpse of the majestic giant of the sea, the Blue Whale. Being so close to these peaceful giants is a breathtaking experience that will leave you in awe of the wonder of nature.

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