7 Best Travel Gadgets

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Guest post by Fabio from Fab Meets World

Whenever I’m preparing for a new trip, my best travel gadgets almost always takes priority in my packing list. Yes, I know I’m a geek! Don’t judge me.

On a serious note though, let’s be honest: you could easily buy new underwear, toiletries or t-shirts when you arrive at your destination, but things like your headphones and battery packs can’t be picked up from your local supermarket.

Scroll down and you’ll see a graphic I designed highlighting the top 7 gadgets essentials I travel with. How many of them do you pack in your bags too? Drop me a message in the comments to let me know!

Best travel gadgets

Tablets- best travel gadgets

My first pick is a bit of a no-brainer, I know, but you’d be surprised how many people leave their tablets behind! Whether it’s on a long flight or late night at the hotel room, I love using my iPad for some gaming or movie-watching downtime.

Cameras- best travel gadgets

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Most people rely on a selfie stick and their smartphones to take great photos of their travels, but if you want to get creative with fish-eye, wide angle and macro shots, brands like olloclip and Aukey make some awesome lenses you can attach to your phone.

If you’d prefer something really compact, action cams like GoPro deliver fantastic quality and the wide angle effects in a very compact design.

Headphones- best travel gadgets

My Apple EarPods come with me wherever I go as a backup set of headphones. For flights and busy commutes though, I prefer some on-ear or over-ear headphones that can muffle out any noise.

Speakers- best travel gadgets

Last summer I took the UE Roll with me on all my trips — from the family holiday at a villa in Portugal, to the resorts of Morocco and Gran Canaria. This incredibly compact speaker packs awesome quality sound and because it takes up so little space in your bags, you won’t need to think twice about packing it!

Battery Packs- best travel gadgets

Even if you forget everything else, battery packs are an absolute must when you’re going away. After all the photo-taking, Instagram posting and Snapchatting you’ll do throughout your days, battery packs and battery cases like this one for iPhone will be saviours when you hit the red zone!

Adapters & Cables- best travel gadgets

Along with adapters for that country’s power sockets, I always take along a mix of cables including an AUX cable for my audio gear, Lightning cables for my iPhone & iPad, and micro USB cables for the battery packs and other gadgets. One of my favourite accessories in this department is the NomadKey; a small key-shaped USB cable (for iPhones and Android phones) that fits conveniently onto your keychain.

GPS Apps- best travel gadgets

Last but not least, you’ve got to install some travel based apps on your phone! I always use Google Translate, Google Maps, and another app called Tripomatic to show me some of the local hotspots in the place I’m visiting.

What do you travel with?

I’m always curious to know what other people throw into their backpacks when traveling. Let me know what essentials you carry with you in the comments!

to download .pdf version of this article 

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  1. Really Nice tips for travellers to know the best travel gadgets to take for their travel. Because most of people are not having clear idea to choose correct travel gadgets, instead of they are taking to much things and make their luggage overloaded.

    Mathavan K

  2. Hi Karolina,
    Glad to see you here 🙂

    Wow.. really these gadgets are more useful and necessary for travel time. You have explained very well about the use of each gadget during on travelling time. One interesting thing you have recommended is GPS apps
    which is really great necessary.

    Hope people will learn many thing reading this article and therefore, I tweeted this on twitter. Really great article on travel gadgets. I appreciate you for your wonderful post on this topic.

    Thanks for sharing such amazing gadgets.. 🙂

    Have a wonderful day
    – Ravi.


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