7 differences between Hong Kong and China

7 differences between Hong Kong and China

This title is very tricky. Most you think Hong Kong is a part of China, so what’s the point? Are there any differences between Hong Kong and China?

Well… It’s not as easy as it seems. Hong Kong belonged to United Kingdom for 99 years. It was given back to China 18 years ago, in 1997.

It wasn’t that long time ago, right?

I (Karolina) was in Hong Kong and China twice.

It’s really interesting and unbelievable that they are so different!

1. Visa.

If you are European, Canadian, Australian or American, you don’t need visa to get to Hong Kong.

You can stay there for 90 days (180 days for British).

If you want to go to China Mainland, you need to have a visa. You can get it in your own country or in Embassy in Hong Kong.

2. Children.

Have you ever heard that Chinese are forbidden to have more than 1 child? It’s not a gossip, it’s true. In certain circumstances citizens are allowed to have 2 children, but that’s it. If they have more than 2 kids, they need to pay the fine. Sometimes it’s 6 annual incomes! That’s A LOT of money.

Abortion is legal in China, so getting rid of of the unborn child may be the only solution for Chinese families.

In Hong Kong there are no rules about children. That’s why many pregnant women come from Mainland China (they mainly travel from Shenzhen, as it’s close) to Hong Kong only to give birth.

Click here to read more about the one-child policy in China.

3. Traffic.

That’t crazy but in Hong Kong there is left hand drive and in Mainland Chine right hand drive.

I know one Chinese (hi Charlie!) who was born in Hong Kong and his wife is from Shenzhen.

They live in Mainland China, but everyday he drives his daughter to the school in HK.

When he cross the border, he just changes sides.

He really is my hero, I can’t imagine how he does it without any accident! When I am in China, I just book Hongkong taxi, as hiring a car there would be too risky for me. I am sure I will have an accident right after leaving the airport.

4. Prices.

There’s not a lot to explain. This city is A LOT more expensive than Mainland China although there are many great places to stay in Hongkong.

5. Language.

English is official language in Hong Kong, so you can easy communicate with everybody.

In Mainland China hardly anyone speaks English. It’s quite difficult to talk to someone without using body language ;).

6. Passports.

Every Chinese dream about having Hongkongese passport.

Why? Because Hong Kong citizens can travel to most countries of the world without visa (European Union, Russia, Canada, New Zealand, Brazil, Japan, Malaysia etc.)

Chinese citizens can’t almost go anywhere without visa.

7. Law.

Law is completely different in China Mainland and Hong Kong.

There are only few taxes in Hong Kong. this city is considered as one of the best place to make business on the world. More about HK taxation you can read here.

In Mainland China there’s completely different policy. Tax system is geared to the socialist market economy.

 Did you know about these differences? Have you heard about other differences between Hong Kong and China?

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  1. I was just working on a must try food article for Hong Kong! I grew up in mainland China and visited Hong Kong a lot growing up. Went back recently and fell in love all over again :)

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