8 date ideas in Rzeszow
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8 date ideas in Rzeszow

What are the best date ideas in Rzeszow?

  1. A romantic dinner at a ‘Wesele’ restaurant

‘Wesele’  is situated in Old Town. It has an impressive menu card, changed every season. The menu is interesting, tasty and just different from other restaurants. Prices are a bit higher, but in our opinion it is worth to go there to taste something new :).

  1. Bowling in the ‘Galaktyka’

A great way to have fun! Better to go there during a week, because at weekends rates are twice as high. After bowling, you can play on other machines, such as Air Hockey. Galatyka is one of our favorite places for a date in Rzeszow!

  1. Going to the cinema-Multikino or Helios

Cinema is a classic for a date ;). It always works great. The best choice is a good old romantic comedies. Few women appreciate a movies such as ‘Transformers’…

  1. Walk over the Wislok river

The path of the Wislok is really beautiful. The walk can be romantic and really perfect for a date!

  1. Going to the Theater or Philharmonic 

Something for exclusive experiences lovers. Rzeszow theaters and philharmonic have an impressive repertoire and it is worth to go there :).

  1. the Squash game

We played squash at the center located in the ‘Europa’ shopping mall. The most profitable is to buy a pass at Groupon. Individual pass is also possible, but you need to telephone book it first.

  1. Relax at Blue Diamond SPA

The price is a bit higher, but the Blue Diamond really make you feel like in paradise. Relax and unwind guaranteed :). In addition, the SPA will definitely conquer the heart of every woman!

  1. Icreams at ‘u Myszki’

This is the best ice creams in Rzeszow! Tasty, creamy with an excellent topping with real chocolate. In summer, the queues are guaranteed, but in our opinion it is worth the wait 10-15 minutes to eat one of the best ice creams in Poland 🙂

These are our date ideas in Rzeszow.


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