8 things we hate about America

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8 things we hate about America

UPDATE 2017: The post was written 4 years ago. In the past, we felt very emotional about the United States. We had really high expectations, we thought this country is the best in the entire world. Now we see that the US is like any other place. It has some good and some bad sides. We want to come back to America and give it another try. Right now, there’s nothing we ‘hate’ about it, after talking with many people we see that this post is a little bit too harsh. We’ve changed our opinion but we decided to not delete this post. It’s just a part of our history. Hopefully, we will publish a post about the things we LOVE about United States very soon!

There are so many things we hate about America ! We spent only 3 weeks in this country and we have very mixed feelings about it. There are many awesome places in US and people were friendly. But there were also some things we didn’t like!

1. Net prices– things we hate about America

That’s the thing we hate the most. Why every price you see is without taxes? It just drived us crazy every time we bought something. We like to count our money and know how much we will pay. In USA it’s just impossible and we felt like somebody make a fool out of us.

2. High prices– things we hate about America

Yes, the USA is expensive. Everything just cost too much. $2 for bottle of water? Come on, it’s not worth it!
Dinner for $10? In Asia you can eat delicious dinner for $2…

We felt really bad spending money on disgusting American food. Same thing with hotels. The cheapest room for two costs $70 (without taxes). In Poland, for this money, you can sleep in 4 or 5-star hotel.

3. Public transport difficult to use– things we hate about America

The worst public transport EVER is in Washington. It’s extremely difficult to use.

Most Americans travel by car, so they don’t need to use public transport. When we were in USA, we forgot to take our driving licenses, so we couldn’t even rent a car. That’s why traveled only by buses, metro, trains etc.

Public transport was really difficult to use in U.S., especially in big cities.

4. Terrible food– things we hate about America

Everybody knows American food is not good. But we didn’t expect it is THAT bad. Almost everything you eat is fat and sweet. It’s difficult to find something healthy. When we were in U.S., we were dreaming about fruits and vegetables…

Famous American burger is just disgusting. We ate it few times and we didn’t like it. Bun was sweet, meat was fake and vegetables were tasteless.

5. Booking in advance– things we hate about America

It was really annoying that most museums need to be booked in advanced. You can’t be spontaneous in America and just go somewhere without making a reservation.

That’s why we couldn’t go to Pentagon when we were in Washington…

6. Measuring and weighing the luggage– things we hate about America

Americans are really accurate when it comes to the luggage. It can’t be bigger or heavier when it’s in company policy. That was really irritating because we had 2 bags: one big and one small.

Altogether, the measure and weight of luggage per person was OK. But in the bus or plane they wanted us to re-pack everything, so that every suitcase has a right measure.

It was ridiculous for us because we are travelling together! Doesn’t matter if one bag is heavier and the other lighter. The most important is that weight of luggage per person was correct…

7. No groceries– things we hate about America

We missed 7-eleven and other groceries so much! There aren’t any small shops in U.S. All you can find are huge markets.

When we are travelling, we like to buy a banana, an apple or yogurt for a supper. Or just buy something cold to drink. In America, it’s almost impossible to find grocery for small shopping.

We didn’t have a car, so we had to go to a shop by bus. It was time-consuming, irritating and fatiguing.

8. Omnipresent control– things we hate about America

WHY Americans think everybody is terrorist? They are searching all your bags and pockets. Sometimes you can’t even bring a water to a museum (f.e. to Ellis Island in NYC).

That’s just funny. In our opinion, if somebody wants to take a bomb with him, he’ll do it anyway. He’ll find a way. This kind of control is ridiculous and really annoying.

Have you ever been in U.S.? What are the things you like and dislike about this country?

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  1. Wow. Rather scathing report on the U.S. I can see how the net price would be an issue for a foreigner but it's really too bad your experiences are so negative. There is horrible food in the U.S. and there is fantastic food in the U.S. This is true in every country really. I'm not a big burger fan but there are some burgers that are wonderful.

    You can be spontaneous and see museums. Most museums do not require advanced planning. However, the Pentagon is NOT a museum. It is a U.S. military office. I doubt you can just walk into other government military installations in other countries with no planning. I'd be interested if there are any where you can do that.

    I'd be interested to know what cities you visited. The U.S. is a huge country with many differences throughout.

    You think the U.S. is expensive….have you been to Switzerland lately?
    Is there anything at all you liked about the U.S.?

    • Oh yes, there are many things we loved in USA! If you go through our blog more carefully, you can read all our reports from America.
      We liked Niagara Falls the most, it was just awesome 🙂
      Don’t get us wrong, but in our country, Poland, people are crazy about United States. They literally think it’s heaven on Earth.
      Since we were little kids, we heard all these stories about U.S.A, that’s it’s the best country on the world, everything is perfect, people are rich and happy.
      So we wanted to go there and check it.
      And it was just…. extremly dissapointed. U.S. is just a normal country. And yes,very expensive COMPARING to Asia (Dinner for $10? In Asia you can eat delicious dinner for $2…)
      Of course it’s not the most expensive country on the world but for us it’s not worth to go to America when there are other more beatiful and cheaper countries.

  2. Hey Karolina and Patryk – I am so sorry to read this post. While there are many things that I LOVE about Europe that I wish were part of the USA, there are also so many great things about America. Looking at your itinerary, I think you barely scratched the surface with only visiting New York state and Washington DC. Next time you come to America – pls send me a note and I can suggest some places with a truly GREAT burger and other cities that have great culture, food and museums. I was only in Poland a few days but can’t wait to go back also.

    • Hi Teri! Of course there are many great things about America :). This post is about things we hate. But we loved f.e. Niagara Fallas, Reese's (yummy!) and all American museums :).
      We are sure we'll come back to U.S. one day. We really want to see Great Canion and Yellowstone National Park.
      We wrote this post because we were expectins something different from the USA.
      In our country, Poland, people are crazy about United States. They literally think it's heaven on Earth.
      Since we were little kids, we heard all these stories about America: that's it's the best country on the world, everything is perfect, people are rich and happy.

      The truth is, U.S. is just a normal country with advantages and disadvantages 😉

  3. Hi Karolina and Patryk, I had the same feeling about the public transport when I lived in Virginia years ago, and i was so frustrated that everytime I went to grocery shopping I either have to hitchhike or spend long to wait for the shuttle. It is certainly not fun. but when I moved to the west(I moved to Hawaii, the westernmost state of the US), it is totally different. I suggest you to visit west if you have chance, and you will get to know different culture, have more access to the diversity of the food and the public transport. Happy Travels.

    • Thanks for telling us about it! It’s true, we we’ve only been to East U.S. It’s good to know that West is different. Hawaii is on our bucket list. We really hope to go there in the future :).

  4. Dear Karolina and Patryk,

    Your post on a Vienna romantic weekend came across my news feed this week, and that is how I found your blog. As one who lived in Washington, D.C. for twenty years, and now live in Vienna, I was disappointed in your generalization of my former “hometown.”

    You write that your love to travel, but you complain when you can not just drop in at a U.S. military installation for a tour? Would I be able to do that in Poland? As for not being able to drop in at the Capitol, it seems that one can not just drop in at the Sejm, either. The White House was specifically designed so as not to be as ostentatious as many of Europe’s palaces, so that might explain your disappointment.

    I do not intend to be sarcastic, but I have visited Poland four times and I could write almost the same critical list about Poland as you wrote about the U.S. And I am Polish. As for “hating” the famous American hamburger, all I can suggest is that you were not eating a true hamburger. The buns are not sweet; the meat likely tasted different from what you are used to in Poland; and the only “vegetable” that is typically served with a burger is French fries. Would it be fair of me to denounce Polish kolbasa as greasy and pierogies as disgusting from sampling the sausage in just a couple of your country’s cities?

    Poland is about the size of the US State of New Mexico, and the entirety of continental Europe could fit into America three times, so you really have not seen enough of America to write a “hate” list. NYC and DC are nothing like New England or California or the desert Southwest, just as Poland is nothing like Spain or the Dalmatian Coast.

    Where I absolutely agree with you is on public transportation in D.C. It is a national embarrassment.

    Thank you.

    • Thanks for your comment! This post is very subjective. We write only about things we don’t like. Other people may actually love them and we are fine with that.
      About the burgers- we have been trying them in many places. Maybe we just weren’t lucky. You are right, we didn’t eat a burger in every restaurant all over the States.
      The post was published almost 3 years ago… Now we have a little bit different point of view. We know we have to come back there and give this country another try. We want to see more and discover different places.

      Our expectations from United States very really high. Maybe that’s why we were disappointed. As you know, most Polish people think that America is a kind of paradise. Now we see that it’s just a normal country, like all the others around the world.

  5. Although I do see that this post is a few years old, and your thoughts may have changed, I thought I would chime in a bit. I am Polish, live about an hour north of Washington DC, and LOVE Europe. That being said, I wanted to mention a few things:

    1. Niagara Falls is split between the USA and Canada. Many Americans think of Canada when they hear the city. You enjoying it isn’t necessarily a positive about the States.

    2. We were turned away from Sagrada Famillia last year because we didn’t have tickets. Unless you want to wait a LONG time you need to buy tickets ahead of time for places like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Uffizi Gallery in Florence, and the Vatican in Rome. It isn’t just the US that requires that.

    3. Flying back from Paris last year my husband had to un-pack some luggage and move things into other bags because the one he wanted to check was too large (it was the same one he checked when we were flying to Europe).

    4. Burgers are not meant to be a delicacy. They are usually a greasy food that is good to get when you at a bar.

    5. You are from Poland but compared a dinner price to one in Asia?


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