9 the most useful informations about Cracow

9 the most useful informations about Cracow
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In our opinion Cracow is the most beautiful city in Poland. It’s really amazing!

We lived in Cracow for 2 years, we met here but we  decided to leave this city. Why? Because of pollution and traffic jams. But we still come back to Cracow every few months because we miss this amazing place. It’s charming, beautiful and just… unforgettable :).

1. How to get to Cracow?

If you are coming from other European countries, choose cheap flights to Krakow Balice Airport.

If you are coming from other city in Poland, choose bus (Polski Bus) or train.

To get to the Old Town, take a public bus or tram. It’s leaving from every place in Cracow, including airport. If you like comfortable travelling, call iCar Taxi. It’s the cheapest taxi in Cracow with very good, air-conditioned cars. This is iCar taxi number: 12 653 5555 or 12 888 0000.

2. How to use public transportation?

It’s pretty easy to get around the Cracow if you know one website/ application: jakdojade.pl

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Install it on you smartphone and it will help you to get anywhere in Cracow, just write in the address! This application can locate where you are, so don’t be afraid to get lost 🙂

3.Where to sleep?

Cracow has variety of place to stay.

The best for budget travellers are hostels: Tulip Hostel at Plac Wszystkich Swietych 8 or Greg&Tom Beer House Hostel on Florianska 43. Localization of both hostels are awesome and prices are good :).

If you like more luxurious travelling, choose Hotel Grodek on Na Grodku 4 or Hotel Stary on Szczepanska 5.

You can be sure you’ll feel like a king there. And localization… perfect :).

4. Where to eat a dinner?

GreenDay Food for life at Mikolajska 14

This is the best and the cheapest restaurant near The Old Town. Food is amazing, organic and vegetarian. We ate there many times and we never had any stomach problem. Prices are really low and meals are just delicious!

-Kuchnia u Babci Maliny

If you want to taste traditional Polish food, go to Kuchnia u Babci Maliny. It’s also close to The Old Town, at Slawkowska 17 or Szpitalna 38. Prices are good and dishes are really tasty 🙂

-Zapiekanki u Endziora

That’s really difficult to describe it in English. But zapiekanki u Endziora are something that every Cracow citizen know. They are delicious and the best is to go eat them at night. Bar is situated on Plac Nowy 4 on Kazimierz. Be prepared that you may have to wait more than half hour to get your zapiekanka. But it’s worth it 🙂

Bar u Szwagra

Another must-been in Cracow. There are many U Szwagra in Cracow, the most popular are on Lea 26 and Karmelicka 26. This bar is famous from the best kebabs in Cracow. It’s student’s favourite place to eat, especially at night 🙂

Zakladka Food& Wine

Amazing food close to Father Bernatek Bridge :). Bistro is situated on Jozefinska 2 and it’s perfect choice for a date. Restaurant has reasonable prices and beautiful decor .

5.Where to eat something sweet?

Cracow has amazing cafe 🙂

-The best is Krakowska Manufaktura Czekolady at Szewska 7. You can eat or drink amazing chocolate there. And even see how it was made!

-Another good choice is Pijalnia Czekolady Wedel at Galeria Krakowska or Rynek Glowny 46. Delicious ice-creams, desserts and of course… chocolate!

6. Where to drink?

Yes, Cracow is a party city! There are many places where you can drink cheaply. The best are Pijalnia Wodki i Piwa on Kazimierz on Plac Nowy 7 (very close to Zapiekanki u Endziora!), Banialuka at Plac Szczepanski 6 (close to the Old Town) and Ambasada Sledzia on Stolarska 8 (also close to the Old Town).

A shot of vodka or one beer usually cost 4zl which is less than $1… 🙂

7. Where to party?

If you want to party in Cracow, you have variety of choices!

In our opinion, the best clubs are Klub Studio on AGH at Budryka 4, Stalowe Magnolie at sw. Jana 15, Coco on Szpitalna 38 and Goraczka on Szewska 7.

Women usually have free entrance, men need to pay. Go to club after 11 p.m. before this time, clubs are pretty empty 🙂

8. What to see?

There are so many places to see in Cracow that it’s impossible to choose the best! But we’ll try to!

This is not a guidebook and many amazing places will not be mentioned. We chose the best in our subjective opinion :).

-The Old Town (Rynek)

This is must-seen. Old Town is amazing and one of its kind :). Take a few hours and just walk around the Old Town. Don’t hurry… Feel the unforgettable spirit of Cracow 🙂


This is where most Jewish lived. Incredible place where youu can move in time. See Cracow how it was before the War. Amazing 🙂

-City tour by electric Melex

Many people will offer you city tour and you should take it!

You will see everything what’s important in Krakow without wandering. Choose the Old Town and Kazimierz trip. Don’t pay more than 80 zloty per person, always bargain :).


If you are sensitive person, don’t go to Auschwitz Concentration Camp. This is the concentration camp where Jewish,  Polish another people against Nazi where killed and tortured.

It’s dreadful place only for people with strong nerves.

We are serious- if you are vulnerable, don’t got there because you may break down of what you see.

-Wieliczka or Bochnia Salt Mine

There are two salt mines near Krakow- in Wieliczka or Bochnia. Wieliczka is closer, so better go there :).

Don’t buy trips from trickters on Old Town on Kazimierz because you’ll overpay. Choose public transport, bus line no 304 goes directly to the Salt Mine.

-Cracow’s Undergound

Yes, it’s possible to see what’s under the Old Town! Entrance to the Underground are at the Sukiennice.

 -Wawel Royal Castle

This is the where Polish kings lived. Beautiful, historical and unforgettable place.

Wawel is well-known not only because of its beautiful castle but also of mysterious chakra.

It’s believed that under St. Gereon’s chapel there is a chakra that emanate intensive power that can heal illness and gives strong boost of energy.

9. Where to shop?

There’s a lot of places for shopping in Cracow! The most popular, of course, is Galeria Krakowska, which is connected to Bus and Trains Stations.

It’s quite good Shopping Mall, but always crowded. Better go to Bonarka City Center at Kamienskiego 11. You’ll get there by bus lines 144, 164, 173, 174, 179, 184 or 304.

In Bonarka there’s also a cinema, so you can relax watching a good movie 🙂

Another shopping malls that we highly recommend are Galeria Kazimierz on Podgorska 34 and Galeria Bronowice on Stawowa 61.

Check out this post for more Krakow highlights.

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  1. Krakow is a very charming town. I like Rynek and the Underground very much. I spent some nice years here and sometimes return to rediscover my favourite places. I tell them that Krakow is definitely worth a visit, at least for a weekend, to relax.


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