Where Does Everyone Park When Flying Out of Baltimore Washington Airport?

Where Does Everyone Park When Flying Out of Baltimore Washington Airport? 

Traveling can be a bit of a harrowing experience on its own, even when traveling for something enjoyable like a vacation. One way or another, you always need to find a good place to park your car before the flight.

Knowing the best options for long-term airport parking can be something that relieves one of the biggest stresses from your mind when you travel for business and have to fly out of a busy airport like Baltimore/Washington International Airport.

Here are a few of the better options available to you, should you fly out of BWI and find yourself in need of long-term airport parking.

On-site options

There are a number of different long term parking options that are available at each airport, but if you are looking for Baltimore Washington Airport parking, there are definitely on-site options to make your commute to the gate all the more bearable.

There are different lots that feature a per-day rate, but there are definitely setbacks to be using those lots. Security is not paramount for these on-site lots and you run the risk of your vehicle being broken into when you park for long periods of time. There are more secure areas on-site near the airport such as the garage, but those can get very expensive (BWI charges $22 per day). The security is better as there are cameras in a garage, but that cost can be hard to swallow.

Off-site options

If you have a bit of patience, parking off-site can be all the more beneficial. Your off-site parking options -the better ones, at least- will offer services where you can be picked up at your car and have you and your luggage taken via shuttle directly to your terminal. The rates are typically lower on off-site lots due to the distance from the airport itself, which can range from “just around the corner” to “a few miles away.” Again, the better lots will offer shuttle service to the airport but there are definitely some that do not and you will be responsible for getting to the terminal yourself. These off-site lots are generally more cost-effective, allowing you to spend reasonably even when gone for a long time. Depending on the lots, you might even see better security than you would see with on-site lots. There may be cameras stationed around the lot, making burglars think twice before they attempt to break into cars in the lot. If you get to the airport a bit earlier than normal, opting for off-site parking can save you money and hassle, depending on the service that you choose. If available, make sure to pick one with shuttle service to make your time there all the easier.

Parking at BWI can be done in a number of different ways. There are some that are more convenient but costly and some that provide shuttle services for off-site lots. Finding the best option doesn’t have to be hard; it just depends on how much you want to do and what kind of money you are hoping to spend. In any event, don’t fret about long-term airport parking again.

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