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Our interview with Angela Corrias from


Why did you start travelling?

Good question. I’ve always been curious about different places and cultures, plus the unknown is the one element that has always made my imagination thrive. This could be the official reason, but I won’t deny that rather than just “wanting”, often I “need” to travel just to lose myself, get away from everything I know and spend some quality time alone, and the best way to do that is immersing in new and unfamiliar cultures. I started travelling with my family when I was a child, though, and back then the reason I think it was for their own love of long-distance excursions.


What it the most important attitude to have during your travels?

To keep an open mind. We may or may not feel comfortable in certain areas, when getting to grips with new cultures, or having troubles with foreign languages, but ain’t this the beauty of travelling? Isn’t getting out of our comfort zone the most precious aspect of wandering around the globe?

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What is he most important experience that you had during your travels?

Wherever I went, the most important experience has always been getting to know and talking to locals. I do like visiting historical sites, museums and landmark attractions, but I think delving deep into local societies is what keeps me moving.


What is the most beautiful place that you have been to?

I have found beauty everywhere. Scenically speaking, maybe the most beautiful city I’ve been to is Rio de Janeiro: its views of beaches, the ocean, hills and lakes are truly hard to match in any other city. Other stunning places that I have been to are the Iguaçu waterfalls, both Brazilian and Argentinian sides, the rolling hills of the Indian Himalayas, Turkey’s Cappadocia and fascinating Sigiryia in Sri Lanka, near Dambulla.


What do you avoid when you travel?

I always do my best to avoid tourist-crammed places. Obviously this can’t be done all the time as often important sites and monuments are a must, but usually I avoid sea resorts that are too popular, as in particular I dislike the beach tourism. For this reason, I didn’t enjoy Phuket and the Phi Phi Island in Thailand, too crowded and definitely not my favourite type of travellers.

Angela at Persepolis

What is your biggest travel dream?

There are many places I haven’t visited, so I have many travel dreams, but maybe the biggest is to explore the African Continent. Despite all the years I’ve spent abroad and even though I still travel whenever I can, I’ve never been anywhere in Africa. Somehow the fact that it’s so big and that so many people have told me that the Africa changes you forever, a little makes me feel I’m never ready to start exploring and properly understand its huge diversity of cultures, traditions and historical heritage, but I think now time has come and soon I’ll book my first trip there.


What are your favourite travellers? Which blogs do you read?

Among my favourite blogs (and travellers) are Grantourismo, by travel writer Lara Dunston and photographer Terence Carter, always very detailed and providing plenty of useful information alongside a great story telling and photography, Geotraveler’s Niche by Lola Akinmade for great pictures and thoughtful insights on travelling and travel blogging, and Inside the Travel Lab by Abigail King, great photography and travel writing. Alongside blogs, I enjoy reading travel tales written by professional writers, being one of my top favourite Stanley Stewart, whose books and articles are always of great inspiration to me.

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