Appreciating life- why we should love what we have?
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Appreciating life – why we should love what we have?

Hi guys, it’s Karolina! Today I realised that the I should appreciating life more.

Yesterday I had one of the most scariest experience in my life.
As everyday, we were on the market to buy some fruits. When we were coming back home, I wanted to cross the street.

I looked left and right to check if nobody is coming. I didn’t see anything, so I made a step forward. And then I saw speeding scooter right in front of my face.

Shopping bag which I carried, tore apart. All the coconuts scattered all over the street.

I was within an inch of life and I knew that it could be me lying on this street, not coconuts.

I started to shake, I was REALLY scared. Patryk, as always, was there for me and hugged me.

We came back to the hotel. Since that time, I can’t stop thinking about this situation.

I understood how fragile our life is. We can loose it in just few seconds…

So WHY we are waisiting our time? Worrying, postponing our dreams, being jelous, angry? Not being nice to someone we love?

We all have big plans and worries of everyday life. We focus on the past or future but not on what’s happening right now.

But you know what? In fact NOW is all we have.

We have no influence on the past, we can’t change it and we can’t turn back time.

We also don’t know what is yet to come. It’s great to have dreams and plans, but hey! You can’t be 100% sure that you will HAVE the future.

The only true thing about life is that it’s happening RIGHT NOW.

Not yesterday, not tomorrow but NOW.

I am sitting in the nice coffee shop in Chiang Mai. I’ve always wanted to live abroad and one month ago I made my dream come true.

Right next to me I have my wonderful husband. I am happy.

I know I am living my life fully. I do everything to make every single day of my life worth remembering.

I am writing this post to inspire YOU to do the same. To do something you’ve always dream about. To say something nice to someone you love.

To STOP and look around. Appreciating life– that’s all we have.

Life goes by in the blink of eye. Let’s not waste it!



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