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Our interview with Ashray and Zara from Travel Blog.

Ashray and Zara are a couple from India and Portugal. Back in 2011 they quit their jobs in Dubai to travel around the world. Now they want to inspire everyone to travel, no matter where they come from. Backpack ME is all about a multicultural perspective on travel:

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Our interview with Ashray and Zara from travel blog:

Why did you start travelling?

We were always into traveling but we decided to quit our jobs to start traveling full-time while we were working in Dubai. Life in the United Arab Emirates felt quite plastic and shallow – we were young and eager to experience things beyond the place we were living in. We craved visiting places where life would be different than in the Middle East or the countries we grew up in (India for Ashray, and Portugal for Zara). So in 2011 we took off to find out what the world was all about, and haven’t looked back ever since!

What is the most important during your travels?

When we travel, we try to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes. You don’t have to do that 24/7, of course, but it is an essential part of traveling to experience the local lifestyle as closely as possible. This is how you get to learn different ways of life and, generally, what are the reasons behind the way people do what they do in a given part of the world.

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What is the most important experience that you had during your travels?

We have had all sorts of good and bad moments during our travels. It is extremely difficult to point out a single experience as most important. What really matters is that travel teaches you something new almost everyday. After all, it is about the journey itself, independently of the places you are in or that you’re trying to reach.

What is the most beautiful place that you have been to?

It is very difficult to point out the most beautiful place in the world. We can’t compare the beauty of the city skyline of Chicago with the exotic appeal of the beaches in South Goa, for example. Or how could we ever compare the inviting fresh green mountains of Ecuador with the cobblestone alleys in Lisbon where it is such a pleasure to get lost? We have been to really less ugly places in this world, to tell the truth. Because beauty is not only what postcards and advertising show – there is always something pretty to be discovered no matter where you are in the world!

What do you avoid when you travel?

The main thing we avoid while traveling is travel burnt out itself. If we travel at a fast paced rhythm, we risk not breathing in the vibes of each place as much as we should. When you travel for too long too fast, you stop looking at the little things that make the journey special. We feel it’s better to take things slow to avoid that. Traveling without acknowledging the fact that everyday on the road is a privilege would be such a waste!

What is your biggest travel dream?

In a way, we are living our biggest travel dream right now! We hope to maintain this lifestyle for as long as we can. An ever bigger dream than that? That visas for Indians become way easier around the world – now THAT would be something great!

What are you favourites travelers? Which blogs do you read?

We are avid readers of travel blogs. In fact, we even created the TBTX, a section of Backpack ME dedicated to showcasing other travel blogs and to guide our readers towards even more travel content. We keep on finding new blogs all the time, but some of our regulars include Roads & Kingdoms for politically charged travel content, Migrationology for foodie travels and eTramping for all things budget travel.

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