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Baba Beach Club Hotel Review

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Baba Beach Club Hotel Review

Location: 88 Moo 5, North of Phuket ,Natai Beach, Thailand, Takua Thung, Khok Kloi, Phang Nga 82140

Far too long obscured by other Southeastern Asian nations, Thailand has now emerged as one of the hottest places to head out on a holiday. If Beijing, Boston, or Berlin seem a bit too blasé, Bangkok might still have some of that aura of the new and unknown about it. What’s more, activities in the socio-political realm are spurring travel to Thailand, as well. Between its relative closeness and tensions with the West, many younger Russians, for example, are fast making Thailand one of their favorite travel getaways. But whether you’re traveling from Moscow, Manchester, or Melbourne, the Phuket island is a perfect choice.

If you choose Thailand as your next holiday destination, you’re going to want to make sure that you stay somewhere stylish. There’s nothing worse than traveling halfway around the world expecting luxury only to find it a far cry from the fabulous destination you imagined it to be.

Thankfully, when you stay at the Baba Beach Club Hotel, you’re assured of a luxuriant stay befitting the beauty and brilliance of the Phuket seaside.

About the hotel

One of the best things about staying at a resort is being able to enjoy a taste of that country’s culture in the comfort of a luxury setting. The Baba Beach Club Hotel is just such an experience, allowing those traveling to the region to experience all the best that Thailand has to offer – hospitality, relaxing atmosphere and, above all, delicious food.

The hotel is located on the outskirts of Phuket, to be more precise, at the neighboring mainland of Thailand. Don’t be discouraged by this though- it’s what makes this hotel special. This rural area allows you to run away from the hustle and bustle of the most popular island in the country. Still, all of the tourist attractions are within a short car ride. So you have everything that you need from the perfect vacation- relax, unspoiled nature, luxury and ability to experience the local culture.


It’s already been established that there’s nothing that defines the Southern Thai area quite like life by the sea. If you’re in the mood for a watery retreat, but you don’t wish to head to the beach, at Baba Beach Club  you can cool off in the swimming pool. Here’s what you can also enjoy in this hotel:

  • The chance to host your wedding there
  • Yoga classes
  • Spa cocktails
  • Sumptuous spa salon treatments


Of course, none of that will count for much if the rooms at a luxury hotel don’t be ourstanding. On the contrary, far too many hotels promise a luxurious experience, only to deliver rooms that, upon your arrival, feel more like a matchbox than a majestic place to stay.
Thankfully, the rooms at the Baba Beach Club Hotel do indeed live up to the site’s lofty reputation. These rooms are decorated in a beautiful blend of traditional Thai style as well as the modernist style that pervades the entire hotel’s decorating ethos. You’ll be able to enjoy incredible views, soft beds, and the best luxury suites in the Phuket area.

We’ve been staying at Gabana Villa where we had direct access to the pool. The sea was just few steps away. What we really enjoyed was mini bar refilled everyday with free snacks and drinks.


In addition to all of that, Baba Beach Luxury Hotel boasts a litany of sumptuous restaurant options which are second to none. You’ll be able to enjoy a wide range of different food options, from traditional Thai seafood dishes to modern Western-themed cuisine to unbeatable blends of the two. What’s more, you’ll be able to take advantage of some of the most astounding cocktail lounges in the south of Thailand and have a night out that you’ll never forget.

Below you can see a video from our delicious a’la carte breakfast at Baba Beach Club Hotel.

Make your next trip to Thailand one to remember by booking your stay at the best beach resort in Phuket.

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Disclosure: We want to thank Baba Beach Club Hotel for a complimentary stay. All opinions presented in this post are honest and our own.

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