Behind the scenes: depression while traveling.

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Behind the scenes: depression while traveling.

We’ve been deeply moved when we found out that one of the biggest travel bloggers is missing in Poland. It is our homeland and a traveler who has visited more than hundred countries in the world, became depressed there. He wasn’t our close friend but we know him.

We are Polish native speakers, so we felt like we were obligated to help. We’ve been browsing the Internet in search for the people who might have seen him. We’ve messaged his mom to tell her that we will help her with whatever she needs. We were willing to come back to Poland from Slovenia if she asks us to.

Yesterday, we saw the good news. He is alive! He is in touch with his family.

You may think: why the person who seems to have everything, who travels the world, meets new people, make money online is… depressed? We haven’t spoken to him so we don’t know his personal reasons. But we will tell you some things that most bloggers don’t talk about.


Dreams come true.

When you look at the photos on Facebook or read the posts on blogs, you probably think: God, those people must be so happy!

Well… it’s not always true. The happiness has nothing to do with having what you always wanted. To be honest, all these things can make you even more unhappy.

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You see: when you have a goal and you are working hard to achieve it, you don’t have time for thinking. But when you finally make your dreams come true, you realise that it haven’t changed anything. You are still the same person that you have been before. The difference is that you are staying in luxury hotel in Thailand, not in a bunk bed at your parents house.

Full-time traveling is a great way of living but it’s not the recipe for happiness. Some people are traveling to run away from life and some do it because they want to. As in every other social group, you will find happy traveler and the one who is depressed. We are people, just like you.

Hanoi's railway line between buildings

Haters gone hate…

Here is the thing that most people are not aware of. Bloggers HAVE feelings. We all read the comments, we all care about what’s happening on our websites and social media channels. Hating words and comments hurt. Strong characters may deal with it without any problems but there are some people who are too sensitive to let it go.

When you are writing hateful comment you are not just posting it on the website. You are telling it directly to the person who is behind it! So please, just please always be respectful. You may disagree with someone’s point of view but you never have right to offend him.


Things are not always how they seem.

You see smiling photo of blogger on the beach. Or you watch how he is tasting local food. Or you are excited about his hitchhiking trip to the third world country.

But this is only 20% of what is ACTUALLY happening. Traveling as a blogger is twice as hard as a tourist. When all the people are eating, you are taking photo of the food. When everybody is watching the sunset, you are doing your best to take the best shot. Then you upload it on your computer, edit it and put on your social media channels. Of course you need to know the right time to put it there! And don’t forget about all the necessary hashtags to boost the engagement.


When a normal tourists are resting after the busy day of sightseeing, bloggers are starting their work. They need to write a post about what they have seen today. But it’s not that simple! First, they need to find the right keywords, then they need to find the right photos for the post. When they finally publish it, it’s time for promotion. Social media channels are fine but if you want the post to be really popular, you need to get links to it. Oh, did we mention that the best it would be to write a new post everyday?

So in order to live a life of travel blogger, you need to visit all the important places at your destination, take photos of everything, read about the history of each place, learn about the local culture, try regional food, post everything on social media while doing it and then… repeat it all on your blog.

Every professional travel blogger has been working really hard to achieve what he/she has. So imagine what we feel when our work is underestimated? Or when we are being treated like non-humans, like the creatures without feelings?

This is what we feel. We need more love and peace in this world. Stop fighting, judging and being jealous. Let’s support and accept each other unconditionally.

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  1. Piękny artykuł,zgadzam się z Wami.Życie to podróż , każdy podróżuje inaczej i w innym miejscu i czasie.Tak samo jest z pracą .Każda praca
    jest inna, tylko jak robisz to z pasją to wtedy jesteś szczęśliwy.Zmęczenie i depresja może dopaść każdego , jedni się przyznają inni nie mówią o tym co ich męczy i ci ludzie mają najtrudniej.

    Ludzie widzą co masz,ile masz……tylko nie chcą wiedzieć ile Cię to kosztowało.

  2. many years ago when I first arrived in Australia, I used to do a lot of traveling, mainly hitchhiking, and worked at many different jobs, with one good career job, but finally I wound up in Adelaide where I put down roots, and got to know people, and finished up with the best job in my life, after which I retired and our family decided to settle in the Philippines.
    I did not discover the internet until later in life, and although I consider myself a sort of writer, I could never imagine myself a ‘blogger’ – I’d rather live my life than try to write about it, because that would be living an artificial life, trying to entertain people and making money at the same time.
    My favorite travel writer is Bill Bryson, whose sense of humor is superb! One day I hope to read “The Road to Little Dribbling”, his latest book, which sadly is simply unavailable in the city I live in here, Cagayan de Oro City in Misamis Oriental, Mindanao.
    (There are many other things that are unavailable here, but I shan’t go into that.)
    Depression is not something I tend to come down with – maybe I’m just too much of an optimist – my default position is that ‘life is good’, God put me here to work out my best way to fulfilment and authenticity in accordance with His will.
    Life is not a game of chance, God’s providence has been looking after me through all sorts of dangers.
    And, one day, God willing, I will visit Poland with my family to search for my family tree, to visit Czestochowa, Warsaw, Wroclaw, gdansk and so many other places I have only ever read about and maybe learn to speak better Polish and maybe even learn to read it better.
    Dzienkuje bardzo for all your inspiring sayings and photos.


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