Best Cities To Visit in 2020 – Booming Travel Destinations

Best Cities To Visit in 2020 – Booming Travel Destinations

With 2020 only a month away, it’s time to start planning for a year ahead. For those plagued with wanderlust, we have a list of the best cities to visit in 2020. In the offering are some fresh spots that are about to make a big boom in 2020, some old spots that have become more accessible, and some cities with big celebrations and events to watch out for.

Meknès, Morocco

We have all heard about the cities, Marrakesh, Rabat, and Fez, but we have yet to discover the city of Meknès, a historic Imperial City and a UNESCO heritage site in the northern part of Morocco that is slowly gaining the attraction of tourists. Discover the 12th-century Grand Mosque at the heart of the city as well as its intricately decorated courtyards, lavish tea houses, and colourful markets. And, just 40 minutes out of the city, you can pay homage to the ruins of at Roman City at Volubilis.

Morocco best places to visit in 2019

Minsk, Belarus

Minsk is definitely the place to be in 2020, even if you are not that keen on sports. Now that it has opened itself up to tourism with its more relaxed visa requirements, you will be able to paint the Old Town red as you enjoy the local sights by day and party with locals by night. Have a good look at the Soviet-area architecture, explore the coffee and art scene, and perhaps visit its grand castles like the Grodno and Nyasvizh, while enjoying the festive atmosphere as they prepare for the upcoming Winter Olympics.

Minsk, Belarus

Tohoku, Japan

Not far from the bustle of the modern city of Tokyo is the lesser known region of Tohoku, which has a good mix of natural landscapes and historical sites. Just 90 minutes north-east of Japan’s capital, you will find a nice spot for hiking and visiting the historic Kakunodate Village that is reminiscent of the bygone times of the Edo period. This place is great idea for a day trip from Tokyo. The best time to come here is in August 2020 when the Amori Nebuta Festival will be held and you will be able to witness a colourful parade of bamboo floats carrying paper mythical gods and kabuki characters.

Tohoku as the best city to visit in 2019

Panama City, Panama

It’s always great to visit a country with something to celebrate as it will give you the chance to see local culture come to life with its line-up of ceremonies and celebrations. Well, in 2020, Panama City will be 500 years old. Aside from exploring its stunning sand beaches and tropical rainforets, you will be enjoying the festivities and the auspicious historical dates that made Panama City the city it is now.

panama best city to visit in 2019

Wadi Rum, Jordan

Take a walk through the red deserts of Mars as you go through the Jordan Trail from the north, Um Qais, to the south, Aqaba. The out of this world 650-kilometer trek covers around 52 villages and towns that will give you a better grasp of local life in Jordan









Bilbao, Spain

The Basque country has more to offer than a different side of Spain and the metallic architecture of the Guggenheim Museum, which houses several modern and contemporary works lovers of art would be keen to see. If your decide to go to Bilbao, you will also find there a different side of Spain with the Basque country’s pintxo (tapas skewered on bread) and kalimotxo (a mix of red wine and Coca-Cola).

Bilbao Spain

Copenhagen, Denmark

It’s the capital of one of the happiest places in the world. With a lively street food and market scene in Refshaleøen and the rooftop ski slope and hiking trails of Amager Bakke, you will learn that you don’t really need a lot of sun that to be cheerful.

Copenhagen best destination 2019

Mestia, Georgia

Mesti, Georgia is the place to go if you are looking for something new. At the Svaneti Museum of History and Ethnograpy, you will learn more about its local history and culture. Too cool for a history lesson? Then, go for a hike to the Chaladi Glacier or check out the lakes at the base of Mount Ushba. And, if you are a foodie, tucker into some local Svan cuisine by tasting the Kubdari meat pie and their cheesy mashed potatoes, Tashmijabi.

Mestia best destination 2019

Shēnzhèn, China

The Silicon Valley of Asia, Shēnzhèn is one of the best places to visit in 2020. It is, however, not the fact that it has facial recognition software for catching jaywalkers and people making their own mobile devices from scratch that it has become a popular destination. Rather, it is its shopping industry that has created its tourist boom.


Novi Sad, Serbia

With its quaint city squares and outdoor cafes, Novi Sad is one of the best places to visit in 2020. Explore the local culture and architecture or party hard in one of the music festivals. You can also explore the Petrovaradin Fortress which overlooks the Danube River from the top of a hill.

Once known to be the place where the Austrians hid their treasure during Napoleon’s conquests, the only treasures you will find there these days are the art works and installations and good music when the well-known Exit Festival is happening. 

Novi sad best place to visit in 2019

Nusa Penida, Indonesia 

A hidden paradise waiting to be discovered in Indonesia, you will find yourself immersed in the beauty of nature from the natural wonders of the Giri Putri Cave to the crystal pool framed by nature’s rocks, Angel’s Billabong.

Geneva, Switzerland

With its stunning lake and snowclad mountains, Geneva, being one of the greenest cities in Europe, provides you an escape from the city without leaving it. Filled with beautiful landscapes, gastronomical delights, and impressive architecture, going to Geneva is a must  in 2020.

Geneva best place to visit in 2019

Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Once one of the stops of the ancient Silk Road, this is probably one of the oldest inhabited cities in Central Asia. Marvel at is medieval architecture and monuments and try some traditional Uzbek cuisine which is presented with a flourish in a room that is decorated with their traditional embroidered tapestry, known as Suzani. Wander around Registran Square and be amazed by the mosaics and embellished with gold and calligraphy. Try to make it there from the 26 to 27th of May to join the Silk and Spices festival in Bukhara where you can take your pick from the handicrafts and silk scarves sold there.

Samarkand ubezbikstan best place to visit 2019

Bacalar, Mexico

Head to Bacalar before it becomes the next Maldives and check out the Lake of Seven Colours, the second largest natural freshwater body in Mexico. With its crystal-clear waters, you will be awed by this turquoise beauty both topside and underwater.  

Bacalar 2019

Kigali, Rwanda

Now more accessible to tourists, the land of a Thousand Hils offers incredible experiences where you will get to have a closer look at the lives of different wildlife creatures like the mountain gorillas of Volcanoes National Park and the lions, rhinos, elephants, buffalos, and leopards of Akagera National Park. After an adventure, experience the booming food scene, bustling markets and lively nightlife that Kigali has to offer.

Pescara, Italy

In 2020, follow your goals of being more in touch with nature by taking a trip to Pescara, Italy, a city that is surrounded by beaches and mountains. Aside from its charming town and natural wonders, you can explore its open markets and ancient hill towns that rival those of Tuscany and Umbria.

Pescara italy

Mackenzie Country, Otago, New Zealand 

With the opening of a new exclusive adventure lounge as well as the new flight routes offered by Air New Zealand in 2020, you have two good reasons to see Otago’s glacial highlands and sunken valleys. 

Mackenzie Country, Otago, New Zealand 

Zadar, Croatia

This beautiful port city is already quite well known for its Roman ruins and medieval churches interspersed with its cosmopolitan structures. In 2020, there are two new installations you should check out on their marble streets: The Sun Salutation, a solar panel installation that displays the varying energy generated by the sun throughout the day in the form of a light show, and The Sea Organ, a musical installation that literally allows the sea to play music.

Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu, the capital of the mountainous Nepal, is a bustling city filled with eclectic cuisine, colourful markets, and Buddhist temples. Pay a visit to the artisan haven of Kathmandu Valley, a city built atop a sacred lake according to a Buddhist Legend. You should also try their delightful variety of momos, steamed dumplings usually filled with vegetables or meat. You might also find some with cheese or chocolate fillings. 

Palomina, Columbia

Have an aquatic getaway on Palomino’s Caribbean beaches where you can feast on seafood, surf, sunbathe and catch some wildlife in action, from cheeky monkeys to noisy toucans. Go adrift on the Palomino River and allow the current to take you to the Caribbean Sea.

Miami Florida, USA

Miami Vice may belong in the past but there is a lot going on in Miami that makes it one of the best places to see in 2020. From the charm of the arts and antiques that fill the Vizcaya Museum Gardens to the exotic animals that you will find in Jungle Island, you will find some exciting times in the bustling city filled with amazing cuisine, vast beaches, and top parties.

Mexico City, Mexico

Currently undergoing a bit of revamp in terms of its old structures and public spaces, Mexico City will be a booming travel destination in 2020 as you will be one of the first to experience its new cultural and culinary scene at its best.

Mexico City, Mexico

Ouarzazate, Morocco

Head to the gateway to the Sahara where you will find the ancient fortified village of Ait Ben Haddou. Here, you will be witness to beautiful sunrises and sunsets and gorgeous buildings with intricate decors and mosaic tiles.

With 20 places from different corners of the world to choose from, you will be kept busy planning your next vacation. 

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