Best places in Egypt- pyramides and Cairo!
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Best places in Egypt

I (Karolina)  was in Egypt 4 years ago. Two weeks after I came back, I met Patryk :). It was crazy time for me, so I didn’t really thought about this amazing trip. Until today! It’s cold outside, so I started to think about wonderful, hot places…. And that remind me of Egypt! I want to show you best places in Egypt .

Sorry for bad quality of pictures! They were made long time ago and really had no idea about photography at that time, haha.

I’ve always loved visiting new countries but I haven’t even thought about being full-time traveller in my wildest dreams! Then I met Patryk and… everything changed.

Life can be really amazing, better than you can even imagine. So don’t ever stop to believe that you deserve the best. Don’t ever lose hope because you can get wonderful gift from the fate at the least expected moment.

Smile and… move your imagination to wonderful Egypt!


1. The Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. Best places in Egypt

Wow… They are really impressive!

Pyramids and the Sphinx are huge. But you can enjoy them for only few seconds….

After this time, you will be bothered by dozens of Egyptians who will try to sell you something. Add heat and sun to it and you will get perfect recipe for irritation. Sphinx Egypt

2. Red Sea reef. Best places in Egypt

It’s really beautiful underwater in the Red Sea. I was (and I still am) extremly affraid of sharks, so it was big challange for me to go out into the deep.

I was brave enough for snorkeling but diving was too much for me!

My Friends went for diving tour though and they say it was one of the best experience of their lives.

Res Sea reed is considered as the most beautiful on the world.

So if you are not affraid of sharks, go for it :).


3. Nile River. Best places in Egypt

Yes, Nile is famous. We had all learned about it on our history lessons at school.

This river was saint and gave lives to ancient Egyptians (that’s what they believed).  And they had a point :). Nile was their main source of food and transportation. They lived in the delta according to the river cycle, waiting until the water flood their fields to fertilize and irrigate the soil.

Nile (right next to the Amazon) is the longest river on the world.

All these informations are really important, but it’s enough to read them. There’s no need to go for a river cruise. Nile is dirty and in our going there is waste of money.


4. Egyptian museum. Best places in Egypt

Famous museum in Cairo, well-known from movies and TV series.

And it’s really awesome. You can see REAL mummies there! It also has the largest collection of pharaonic antiquities on the world.

It’s definately worth going there :).

best places in egypt

If seeing photos from these awesome places are not enough for you and you are still not sure if visiting Egypt is a good idea, check out this post: 11 reasons why you should travel to Egypt. It will definitely dispel all your doubts!

What do you think is the best place in Egypt?


  1. Thanks for an interesting post. A pity about the Nile, I was going to travel to Egypt next year, and the river was on my places-to-visit list. Sad. I’ve been inspired by all these grand stories about a great civilization-making river, guess I just love to fall for grand stories hehe 😀 nevertheless, thanks for this post!


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