Best travel songs ever
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Best travel songs ever

Who doesnt’ like music? We all love to listen to best travel songs :).

We were looking for best travel songs for a very long time. Right now we can finally say our rank is ready to be published :).

It is very subjective list, so if you have anything to add- do it in comment!

1. On Top of the World – Imagine Dragons.

This is our choice for best travel songs ever!

This is song is so positive! It makes you smile and enjoy travelling even more. It describes exactly how we feel when we are getting off the plane in a foreign land :).

2. Unwritten

Natasha Bedingfield is singing both about travelling and blogging :).

Every time we listen to this song, we get chills all over our bodies. It’s so positive, motivational and energetic. Unwritten shows that no matter how bad your past is, you can still change your life and make the future beautiful!

When have difficulties in writing new post on our blog, we listen to this song and an inspiration always come up :).

3. We are the world

This song takes away the fear of travelling.

The world is beautiful and people are the same everywhere. No matter how they look like or what language they are speaking.

4. Cat Stevens – Morning has broken

It’s not exactly about travelling but about beauty of the nature.

But nature is something every traveller loves and admires. Is it anything more perfect than dew on the grass and birds singing in the morning?

4. What a wonderful world 

Every traveller is a good observer. And Rod Stewart (and Louis Armstrong before him) is singing about watching the world.

When we are in our home country, we don’t see many things. But when we are abroad, we admire everything– smells, colors, customs, food etc.

5. Come away with me 

Romantic and beautiful Norah Jones’s song.

What more can we say? Just listen to it and immerse yourself in the beautiful voice of Norah…

6. Hooray! Hooray! 

Old but great song! Makes you want to pack a backpack and hit the road 🙂

7. Hit the road Jack 

About hitting the road- we can’t forget about Jack ;).

8. One way ticket 

Classic travel song!

The most famous– every traveller thought about buying one way ticket at least once in his life :).

What song from our rank do you like the most? Maybe there’s a song you’d like to add to it? 


  1. On the Top of the World song was a hit 2 years ago as far as I’m concerned. I absolutely loved it and danced like crazy each night with my friends at home :).


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