5 best travel stories from Thailand

5 best travel stories from Thailand
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Thailand was our first overseas destination. We absolutely felt in love with this country and we will always think about it with a smile. We gathered our 5 best travel stories from Thailand in this post.

We were in Thailand for 3 weeks and we had many great adventures! Here are the best of them.

Best travel stories from Thailand #1:

1. Frightened old woman in a plane

We will remember this old lady forever! This is the weirdest story about Thailand that we have.
We were flying from Phuket to Bangkok. Right next to Karolina, sit and old Thai lady. She was shaking and had no idea what to do. She couldn’t speak English but we could tell that she was scared the hell out of flying.

She was talking to Karolina in Thai language, she was hugging her, scratching her, nestle into her scarf. We were pretty pissed off but we felt sorry for her.
So we fastened her seat belts, smile to her and try to explain using body language, that everything will be OK.

She relax a little but she was hugging Karolina during all flight!
When we got out from the plane, it turns out that this lady wasn’t alone in the plane. She was travelling with her son-in-law who apparently knew how she could behave… So he decided to seat somewhere else and leave his mother-in-law with a stranger.

All the jokes must be true! Sons- and mothers-in-law just hate each other. And it was all just perfect revenge ;).

Best travel stories from Thailand #2:

2. Being lost in Bangkok

Our trip to Bangkok was extremely long. It took us more than 30 hours to get there. We were very tired and we dreamt about taking a shower.

So just after taking off the plane, we caught a taxi. After half an hour, the driver said that he had no idea where our hotel is. And that we should go out the car now… It was dark, late, there was nobody on the street.

We were scared but we knew our hotel is somewhere close. We had no idea what to do or where to go, our backpacks were heavy and we were exhausted. Suddenly… the Angel appeared.
Haha, yes, we call this guy an angel because he was godsend for us. He was tall, muscular, bold white guy, maybe Dutch or Australian? He was coming back home from work. He spent 10 minutes on searching our hotel, calling it and getting directions. Then he walked us just to the main door 🙂

We don’t even know this guy’s name but we will always be grateful for his help. Thank you Dutch Angel!

Best travel stories from Thailand #3:

3. Nervous Polish couple

When we were waiting for a ferry from Koh Phagan to Phuket, we saw an adorable couple with two little girls. They looked so cute with big backpacks on their back and strollers in front of them. We wanted to talk with them and ask how it is to travel with little children. Suddenly woman starts yelling at man… in Polish! She was really pissed off that he didn’t plan this trip correctly. And that she couldn’t count on him. etc. etc…

We started to laugh because it’s not easy to find another Poles in Asia. Especially on exotic island like Koh Phangan.

After the couple calmed down, we talked with them. They were really amazing! Their older daughter, who was 4 years old, has already been on all continents. When she has only 7 months they went camping to Australia. Younger girl was 2 years old and she has already visited Asia, America and Europe.

The couple said that they have always been travelling and they couldn’t stop when the children were born. So they always take their girls with them. They said that it’s a little more difficult, but possible to do.

Unforgettable people 🙂

Best travel stories from Thailand #4:

4. Bus driver scams on the road to Phuket

This story is not so good. It’s actually pretty bad and describes what we hate about Thailand- cheating.

Thai people just love to cheat. Almost every taxi driver will try to take advantage of you. He will drive you longer way or try to convince you for fixed price. Never agree! Don’t go anywhere if taxi driver doesn’t turn the meter on.

The worst experience we had with the bus driver in the way to Phuket. We didn’t like him from the moment we saw him. He was very nervous and weird.

Of course he cheated us and every other people from the bus. He made a stop before we enter the Phuket. He said that he will leave all of us 5 miles from the city center if we don’t pay him. If each of us gives him 100 baths ($3), he will take us to the hotel.

We felt cheated, because we paid for taking us to the Main Station. And our hotel was just next to it.

It was dark and late and we didn’t have any choice. All of passengers needed to pay him.

He took a money to his pocket and felt very proud of himself. That was really bad and disgusting. We’ll always remember this guy as a cheater.

Best travel stories from Thailand #5:

5. Hotel boy on Koh Phanghan island

There was nothing special about this boy… But thanks to him we understood Thai people.

We’ve been in Thailand for 3 weeks and we couldn’t understand why everybody is so crazy about the king. They literally love him, they can’t listen to any bad word about him.

Of course, he is a nice guy, but WHY all this madness about him?
Thanks to hotel boy in Sabaii Bay Resort, we understood. Thai king developed Thailand. Thanks to him, people are richer, they have food, jobs, homes. He made Thailand the biggest exporter of rice in the world!
Thanks to him, Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destination in Asia.
There are no wars, he always want to solve every problem peacefully.

He is firm but gentle. Thai people are extremely grateful for what he did. And they are right- comparing to neighboring Cambodia, Thailand is very developed country.

When hotel boy explained all of this to us, he says all the time ‘My King‘. When we asked what will happen if he die (he’s more than 90 years old), he literally started to cry, saying that he has no idea and he can’t even think about it.

That conversation taught us a lot.

Firstly- we understood Thai people more.

Secondly- we felt a little jealous. We’ve never heard any Pole being so proud of his country and president. We are always complaining and we are right. In Poland, no politics care about Poland. They only care about themselves and their families. There is no patriotism anymore.

And finally- we understood that every big country, company or organization needs charismatic leader to succeed. There most be one person who follows the others.

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