Bialowieza forest- the most beautiful place in Poland!

European bisons in Bialowieza
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Bialowieza forest – info

Bialowieza Forest (in Polish: Puszcza Białowieska) is one of the most beautiful places in Poland. It’s also a hidden gem of a country, as most travelers don’t know it even exists.

You can see how the world looked liked ages ago. Bialowieza has always been protected by kings and lords. They liked to organize hunting in Puszcza Bialowieska. That’s why they forbid subordinates to cut down forests, kill animals and change anything in Bialowieza.

Puszcza Bialowieska is famous for the European Bisons (żubr). This amazing creatures are the biggest mammals in Europe. It’s very difficult to see them, they are strictly protected.

They should extinct, but scientists managed to reconstruct the entire species from the last several bisons.

We were charmed by Puszcza Białowieska 🙂. It was pretty warm in Poland in December. But not in Bialowieza. Locals said they have snow since the beginning of November!

It was sentimental journey for us. Patryk’s ancestors came from this area. We were on his great grandparents grave.

We’ve also fulfilled one of our dreams from Bucket List. We spontaneously went into the unknown! IMG_7901


Off the season, there’s literally nobody in the museum. We were there for 2 hours and we were the only vistors.

Puszcza Bialowieska Museum is amazing! One of the best museum we’ve ever been to. It’s dark inside. When you come close, specific exhibition lights up. Audio guide is telling you everything about Bialowieza Forest nature.

You’ll see every animal that live in Puszcza Bialowieska.

It’s really impressive :).

The ticket is ridiculously cheap. Only 13 PLN per person (it’s less than $4). Read more here.

Bialowieza forest

Animal Park in Bialowieza National Forest

Here you can see all these animals… alive.

They are so beautiful! Bisons, wolves, deers, zubron (hybrid of bison and cow), boars and many more. You’ll love them all.

We’ve never before been so close to this kind of animals.

Entrance to the Animal Park in Bialowieza is also very cheap. Few zlotys per person. polish bisons

 Royal Oaks Trail

At the Royal Oaks Trail you can go for a really nice walk.

You will be surrounded by old, huge  and beautiful trees.

Great idea after the dinner- you’ll burn calories from the delicious Polish food ;).


What’s on top of your bucket list?

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  1. Great post, the park looks amazing!
    I keep telling my girlfriend that I would like to go and see some żubr (don’t know how to write the plural of it).

    I’ve never seen an animal like it and would like to go to that museum (since its hard to see a live ones).
    I guess that’s where the famous vodka comes from as well or is it another location? 😀


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