Bieszczady Mountains – best tips for hiking

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Bieszczady Mountains

There are not many places where we want to come back. We like to explore world and see something new everytime we travel. But Bieszczady Mountains is an exception. They are less crowded and less touristy than their bigger sister, Tatra Mountains.

View from Tarnica, the highest peak of Bieszczady Mountains


Bieszczady Mountains is a place loved by every free souls. Many people sell everything and buy a little house there. They enjoy the nature and happiness of simple life :).

Where exactly are Bieszczady Mountains? In the lower right corner of Poland. Close to Ukrainian and Slovakian border.

They are about 2 hours driving of Lancut and Rzeszow.

From Cracow, you’ll get there in 3-4 hours.

The most famous towns in Bieszczady are Solina, Ustrzyki Dolne, Ustrzyki Górne, Polańczyk and Wetlina.

Stunning view from Tarnica in Bieszczady Mountains

How to get to Bieszczady Mountains?

It may be confusing to travel through Poland. The best is to take a bus to Sanok or directly to any village in Bieszczady.

You can also get there by car.

It’s up to you. Remember that hitchhiking is extremly popular in Bieszczady and it’s very safe. Locals are friendly and very helpful. Bieszczady mountains in fog

What to see in Bieszczady Mountains?

Bieszczady are famous for Połoniny. They are mountains with meadows on the top.

Below we give you list of our favorite places in Bieszczady mountains:


This is the highest and the most difficult mountain in Bieszczady. It’s 1346 metres ASL. You can get there from Wołosate village.

Hiking on Tarnica was pretty difficult for us. We were tired and our muscles hurt the next day. Nevertheless, views were great :).

You will get to the top in about 3 hours. Be prepared for mud, dust and rain.

Way to Tarnica, highest peak of Bieszczady Mountains

Połonina Wetlińska in Bieszczady Mountains

This is our favorite mountain in Bieszczady. It’s 1255 metres ASL. You can get there from Przełęcz Wyżna.

You will get to the top in about an hour. Views are incredible :). You can just sit on the meadow and look on this beautiful nature.

On the top, there’s Chatka Puchatka. Hostel, shop and small restaurant.

Połonina Wetlińska is great gateway for hiking to other mountains, e.g. Smerek.

Połonina Caryńska in  Bieszczady Mountains

It’s 1297 metres ASL. You can get there from Ustrzyki Górne.

You will get to the top in about an hour and half.

It’s as amazing as Tarnica and Połonina Wetlińska. It’s worth to go there and admire the beauty of Bieszczady :).

Way to Tarnica in Bieszczady Mountains


The best village in Bieszczady mountains! We have great memories from Cisna :).

There’s not much to do in here, except from going to Bieszczadzka Kolejka Trip.

Bieszczadzka Kolejka Leśnia logo

 Bieszczadzka Kolejka is very slow, old train. It’s relic of the past which is definately worth seeing and trying.

Tickets are cheap and trip is about 2 hours. Dress warmly because it may be cold inside.

Bieszczadzka ciuchcia- old train in Bieszczady mountains

Solina Lake in Bieszczady Mountains

The most popular place in Bieszczady. Solina is big artificial lake, great for swimming and sailing. It’s popular tourist detination in Poland. There’s famous song about Green Hills above Solina.

Polańczyk is the most frequently visited town at Solina Lake.

Where to sleep and eat in Bieszczady Mountains?

Bieszczady is great destination for budget travelers. There are many cheap places to sleep and eat.

For finding good accomodation, use

When it comes to the food, just look for Bar Mleczny or Stolowka. Meals are fresh, tasty and inexpensive.

Don’t forget that Bieszczady are famous for beer. It’s popular to go to bar after hiking, drink a beer and relax :).

Meadow and mountains in Bieszczady Mountains

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  1. I didn’t know about Bieszczady Mountains, but it looks beautiful. I would love taking a ride in that old train!

    When I get home I’ll tell my girlfriend that I found a new place in Poland that I would like to visit haha

    Sounds amazing to hike and take it slow. Is there any shelters like in the Tatras?

    • For us, Bieszczady are thousand times better than Tatra mountains. There are some shelters like for example Chatka Puchatka on Polonina Wetlinska. But the tourist infrastructure is less developed in Bieszczady than in Tatra. It’s still a hidden gem of Poland 😉

  2. Hi Karolina and Patryk, I love your blog and this great info to prepare our trip. We often go to Zakopane, however always try to hide from the tourists. What would be a good place to stay having 2 small kids? Trails up to 2 hours would be ok. May I add your link to my blog? In Dutch I’m afraid, but we live in Poland 🙂

  3. Hi Karolina and Patryk!

    I have a question regarding the Połonina Wetlińska hike. How long did it take you to get up there and how long was the hike back down to Wetlinska? Did you sleep in the hostel?

    Best regards,

    • Hi Nadine!

      The hike up to Polonina Wetlinska is really short. It takes about 2 hours to get to the top. We didn’t sleep in Chatka Puchatka but they say it’s great to wake up surrounded by the mountains :).

      There are actually 2 routes to Colonna Wetlinska, so you can go up one way and go back the other. Then you can take a bus to Wetlina, Cisna or any other place you are staying in Bieszczady.


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