Billund Legoland and Lalandia in Denmark
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Billund Legoland and Lalandia in Denmark

Billund legoland is a lovely place in Denmark. It is an amazing spot not only for children but also for adults :).

1. Plane

We bought our plane tickets 3 weeks before we leave. We chose flight from Cracow, Poland by Ryanair. It was very cheap- return ticket costed only 80$ for two people (we were using our Ryanair discount card, so we didn’t have to pay for airport charges) Our flight should last 1 hour 40 minutes, but it was 20 minutes shorter.

What’s interesting- in Cracow nobody checked our luggage (it’s weight and size). We were lucky because our suitcases were SO overweight 😉

Danes were more resrtictive- they checked every luggage carefuly (it’s weight, not size)

2. Night at the airport

Our flight back to Poland was at 5 am in the morning. We decided to save some money and wait for it on the airport. Billund Aiport is tiny but great- there are many benches were you can rest or even lie down and sleep 😉

Billund Legoland inside

3. How to get to the city centre from the airport

We were pretty confused at the begining- we couldn’t find any bus to Billund city centre. We checked before that it’s only 1,3 miles away from the airport. We wanted to walk there but we couldn’t find a path for pedestrians and it was raining, so we decided to go back to the airport and take a bus.

To Billund city centre, Billund Legoland and Lalandia goes bus 143 (maybe there are other buses going there but this one went straight to our hostel) Ticket price- 10DKK ($1.8), no discounts for students.

To save some money, you can buy 10 passages for 110 DKK ($19.5), you get one ticket and validate it every time you enter the bus.

Bus driver is selling the tickets.

What’s interesting- you have to wave to driver to stop the bus and get into it.

Lego in Billdung Legoland, Denmark

4. Accomodation

We used to find the cheapest hostel in the neighbourhood- 3 miles from Billund city centre, Vandel Bed& Breakfast hostel. As we wrote before, we could easily get to the city centre by bus 143.

Price for the room (one bathroom for 3 rooms, it was always free, so you didn’t feel that you share it with someone else) is 1200 DKK ($213) for 2 nights with breakfasts. In Denmark it’s VERY low price for accomodation.

Our hostel was kind of agritourism farm, beautiful and special! We felt great there 🙂 Our hostages were very kind and the food was delicious!

Countryside in Denmark

5. Billund Legoland tickets

The cheapest way to get the ticket is buying it online on specific date- 254 DKK/ per person ($45). You print tickets at home and scanning them at the entrance.

Generally, Billund Legoland is great, you can find there attractions for both adults and children! We advice you to go there during the week, weekends in Billund Legoland are very busy, you have to stand in long lines waiting for everything.

You can read about Legoland attractions on its official website.

Lego in Billdund Legoland

6. Lalandia Billund tickets

Big water park for adults and children. It has many chutes, saunas, cold and warm water, and even outside pool 🙂

Lalandia tickets cost 210 DKK ($37).
Billund Lalandia inside 7. Dunes

Very friendly! Everybody speaks English 🙂

8. Prices

In Denmark (and Billund Legoland) prices are very high. That’s why we brought all the food from Poland.

In Billund Legoland and Lalandia prices are enormously high. However there is one supermarket in Billund (near Billund Centret bus stop) were prices are fine.

To sum up- we enjoyed this trip but Billund is rather a place for families with kids 🙂



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