Lancut- hidden gem of Poland!

Lancut- hidden gem of Poland!
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Lancut Poland Info

Lancut is known from the old castle, one of the most beautiful in Europe.

We’ve seen many amazing monuments. We even lived in Cracow for 2 years. But nothing can be compared to Lancut castle. It’s incredible, gorgeous and unforgetable. It’s beautiful both from inside and outside.

If you ever come to Poland- don’t forget to visit Lancut. It’s only 2 hours driving from Cracow and 10 miles from Rzeszow, capital city of Subcarpathian province.

Bieszczady mountains, Ukraine and Slovakia are only 1,5 hour driving from the castle. Sounds amazing, right? 🙂

How to get to Lancut?

You can get directly to Lancut from Cracow, Warsaw and many other big Polish cities. The best is to use Polski Bus or a train. More about travelling through Poland you can read here.

 What to see?

  • Castle Museum

Lancut Castle is the most beautiful aristocratic residences in Europe, known from its wonderful interiors and unique collection of horse-drawn carriagesThe palace complex is surrounded by an old, English style park.

If you like classical music, you must have heard of Lancut. Every year, famous musicians from all over the world come here to Music Festival. They are performing, practicing and teaching.

Castle Museum is open everyday but the best is to go there on Mondays. Why? Because you don’t have to pay for a ticket! Admission is free 🙂

The palace complex consist of Castle, Stables, Coach House, History of the City and Region incl. 10th Mounted Rifle Regiment, Orthodox Art and Orchid House.

Depending on what you choose, ticket price will be different. You won’t pay more than 50 PLN ($16) though. For us, the best is to see only castle and stables.

  • Polmos Distillery Museum

This is the only Distillery Museum in Poland and one of the few on the whole world!

Unfortunatelly, it’s not open to public. You need to book a ticket in advance and the group should consist of at least 10 people. It is worth to go there, even if it’s difficult.

You’ll see something unique and be able to try delicious Polish rosolises and vodka!

Distillery Museum in Lancut is very exclusive. Many famous people have been there, including Bruce Willis, who is one of the Sobieski vodka owners.

  • Synagogue

Before the World War II, there were many Jews in Lancut. Unfortunately, all that is left of them is Synagogue.

It’s one of the most precious baroque masonry building in Poland. Synagogue is right next to the castle.

  • The Markowa Village Museum

Markowa is very close to Lancut (about 5 miles). It’s famous from old houses. You can see there how people in Poland lived more than 100 years ago.

It’s really awesome! More about it you can read here.

  • one-day trip to Lviv on Ukraine

Now, because of the bad situation on Ukraine, there are less trips available. You can go there at your own risk.

Nevertheless, it’s possible to go from Lancut to Lviv on one-day trip. Price is really good (about 150PLN). All you need is passport and patience to wait few hours in line on the border :).

Where to sleep?

There are few good hotels in Lancut. We recommend Hotel Lancut (that’s where our wedding guests will sleep) and Vis a Vis Hotel. Both of them are very close to the castle and town center.

Where to eat?

We will tell you about awesome places that only locals know about 🙂

The best restaurant in Lancut is Piktonowka. It’s on Rzeznicza 8 Street, about 10 minutes walk from the castle. Meals are delicious and prices are good. Don’t forget to eat Shoarma. It’s really tasty!

If you want something sweet, go to Pasierb A.C. Cukiernia. It’s right next to castle ticket office. They have delicious ice creams and cakes.

If you like fast food, eat zapiekanka or hamburger in Bar Greco, which is next to Pasierb A.C. Cukiernia.

 Do you know other Poland’s hidden gems? Share them in comments!

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  1. Hi Karolina and Patryk
    It was great to read your information. The Castle looks wonderful. We are coming from Australia to visit the area in September and with a hire car will be able to go from Przemysl to Lancut easily and check it out.
    Thanks for tips about food. We would love to visit Polmos Distillery too, we won’t have enough people but I’ll contact them and see if it’s possible
    Thank you so much

    • Hi Carole,
      That’s so great that you are coming to visit Poland! Podkarpacie is not the most popular tourist destination but we are sure you will love it :). If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


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