Christmas market in Edinburgh
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Christmas market in Edinburgh

Christmas market in Edinburgh is different than in most European cities. Why? Because it’s not the only one! There are 3 Christmas Markets in capital of Scotland! The Scottish Market, European Market and Children’s Market. They are pretty close from each other, so it’s easy to walk between them.

The biggest (and in our opinnion- the best) is European Market.


From November 18th 2014 to January 7th 2016, open everyday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.


The Scottish Market at St Andrew Square
European Market & Children Market at East Princes St Garden

What to eat and drink?

1. Marzipan

It’s the best candy we’ve ever eaten at Christmas Market. It’s even better than fudges at Christmas Market in Glasgow or crepes at Christmas Market in Paris.

You can choose from many flavors– orange, pistachio, hazelnut, stracciatella etc. Unfortunatelly it’s pretty expensive 3.50 per 3 pcs.

Marzipan at Christmas market in Edinburgh

2. Mulled cider

It’s different from what we have drank on other christmas markets.The most popular alcohol at Christmas Market in Edinburgh is… mulled cider. It’s made of apple and it’s pretty good.

But we still think the best winter liquor ever is hot wine at Christmas Market in Krakow :).

Christmas market in Edinburgh

3. Candies

There are so many candies at Christmas Market in Edinburgh that we can’t name them all. You can even buy candy floss there! 🙂
Gingerbread at Christmas market in Edinburgh

4. Meat, hot-dogs and burgers

If you are not vegetarian, Christmas Market in Edinburgh will be a heaven for you. There so many meats to choose from! Hot dogs, burgers and even haggis (we were to affraid to taste it). Haggis is traditional Scottish meal– savoury pudding containing sheep’s pluck minced with onion, suer, oatmeal, spices encased in the animal’s stomach

Would you try it? 😉
Christmas market in Edinburgh

What to buy?

1. Coffee

It’s something we’ve never seen before at christmas market. In Edinburgh you can buy beans of coffee in different flavors.

You can take it home and drink delicious coffee whenever you want 🙂

Coffee at Christmas market in Edinburgh

2. Bags

There is a wide selection of bags at Christmas Market in Edinburgh: leather, material and even handmade. They are unique and really beautiful. So far Edinburgh has the best bags we’ve seen at any christmas market.

Bags at Christmas market in Edinburgh

3. Lanterns and figurines

We really liked colorful, star-shaped lanterns. You can buy them just next to the entrance to Scottish National Gallery.

At Christmas Market in Edinburgh you can also find many figurines, matrioshkas etc.

Christmas market in Edinburgh

What to do?

Edinburgh Chritmas Markets offer so many great things to do!

You can go ice skating, have fun on big wheel, carousel, ice wall, santa claus train, star flyer and even rollercoaster!

More info here.
Carousel at Christmas market in Edinburgh

What would you like to taste, buy or experience at Christmas Market in Edinburg? Share your thoughts in comments!


  1. Enjoyed this! I arrive in Edinburgh for Christmas on 22/12 and the Christmas Markets are top of my list to see and do! Speaking of candy I’ll be seeking out my favorite, white chocolate!

    • You're lucky to be in Edinburgh during Christmas! It's really great 🙂 You'll find a lot of candies with white chocolate and we can promise you they'll be delicious 😉


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