Christmas market in Glasgow
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Christmas Market in Glasgow

The most useful informations and tips for Christmas Market in Glasgow .


From November 11th 2016 to December 22th 2016, open everyday from 10 a.m. Closing time: Monday- Wednesday 8 p.m., Thursday- Saturday 9 p.m., Sunday 6 p.m.


Argyle Street, Glasgow
From Central Station to Trobgate Street.

What to eat and drink at Christmas Market in Glasgow?

1. Hot Bailey’s Chocolate

Soo good! It’s not real chocolate, but drink made from the powder.

But the taste is absolutely amazing and unique. Price is £3.5 for small glass. You can choose from many flavours (orange, mint etc.). We just drank original Hot Bailey’s Chocolate and it was great 🙂

Christmas Market in Glasgow

2. Marshmallows in chocolate

It’s really sweet but delicious! Depends on the size, you will pay £1-£3. You can eat marshmallows in white or black chocolate.

3. Hot Wine

It’s better than hot wine at Christmas Market in Paris but worse than hot wine at Christmas Market in Krakow.

It’s very weak and you will have to drink 10 glasses to feel that you drank liquor. We think you can even drive after drinking one glass of this Ginger Wine.


3. Weird burgers

There’s one burger shop with meats from all over the world. 

We tried burger with kangaroo meat. It was tasted really strange… If you go to Christmas Market in Glasgow, find this stand and try weird burgers. It will be something you’ve never ate before!


4. Fudges

It was too sweet for us. We were able to eat only few fudges.

It’s traditional British sweet though, so it’s worth a try!


5. Cuisine from all over the world

There is variety of cuisines at Christmas Market in Glasgow! You can try Greek, Maroccan, Turkish, Polish, German, Holland, Indian, Spanish and of course British cuisine.

Everyone will find something for themselves 🙂


What to buy at Christmas Market in Glasgow?

1. Leather and fur accessories

There are few stands with fur jackets, hats, scarfs and leather bags at Christmas Market in Glasgow.

They are pretty nice, so if you need something made of fur or leather, you will find something for yourself for sure!


2. Fake snow

It’s unbelievable! We’ve never seen something like this before.

In a small container there is a white powder. When you pour it with water, it turns into snow! It is very pleasant to the touch. Real Christmas magic for those who haven’t seen the snow.


3. Regional products

On Christmas Market in Glasgow, there are many stands with regional products like Matrioshkas, soaps or homemade Indian curry.


4. Christmas accessories

There’s a special Xmas Shop on Christmas Market in Glasgow. You can buy there Chrismas Cards, Santa Claus or Frosty figures and  Christmas decorations.

Basically you can buy there anything that is connected to Christmas :).


What to do?

There’s not much to do at Christmas Market in Glasgow expect from eating and shopping 😉

You can go to neighboring George Square iceskating!

What do you like the most on Christmas Market in Glasgow? What would you like to taste or buy? Share your thoughts in comments!


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