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Colleen Mulhall from

Our interview with Colleen Mulhall from

Why did you start traveling? 

Simply put, I began travelling because I felt I was meant to. After being raised by an intrepid family of travellers and adventurers, at 17, I became obsessed with the idea of being on an airplane and living overseas. So I did just that.

What is the most important during your travels? 

The most important thing for me is to listen to my gut – I take a lot of risk when I travel, but it is always calculated. If my spidey-sense tingles, I listen to it, no matter how (il)logical. Further to that, it is important to eat a lot of good grub and surround myself by good people if I can – just like in day to day life.

What is the most important experience that you had during your travels? 

The first time I travelled alone was pretty liberating for me. Looking back on my travels to over 40 countries as a solo female traveller has made me proud of myself. Sometimes I can’t believe I’ve done what I have. My success overseas has always helped other aspects of my life.

What is the most beautiful place that you have been to? 

Norway. To me, it has all the best parts of Canada condensed into a long skinny country. When I had been away from home for several months and then ended up in Norway, I felt like crying tears of joy. 

What do you avoid when you travel? 

Drugs? Does that count? I know many travellers dabble here and there overseas, but I just don’t trust these kinds of situations to play out well.

What is your biggest travel dream? 

Right now, I’m dreaming of faraway places like Zanzibar and the Maldives and Madagascar. But who knows where I will end up? I never imagined I’d go to India this year until all the cards lined up and within a month, I was on a plane.

Who are your favourite travelers? Which blogs do you read? 

My favourite travellers are the friends who I’ve met while travelling – and none of them blog about it. They are the most amazing collection of people I know and never cease to inspire me. Danes I met in Mexico. Brazilians I met in England. Swedes I met in Spain. Irish people I met in the Caribbean. Australians I met in Chile. Scots I met in India. And on and on. As far as blogs go… there are loads that I adore. Recently Hippie in Heels is up there because Rachel single handedly prepared me for India. Others like 20 Years Hence, Cubicle Throwdown and Domestiphobia are great because I feel like I’ve made some new friends. And if you want best friends, just try Maria Falvey and Past My Curfew. Those two are internet-networking pros. There are too many blogs to mention because I read so many – but my faves know who they are. We exchange emails and share the blogging love. 🙂

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