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Our interview with Colleen Williams from Travel Blog:

Why did you start travelling?

I have always had an interest in travelling and exploring the wider world. As a child, if there was an opportunity to go on a school trip or away with family, I was always very excited at the prospect.

As an adult, I saw the scope to travel more frequently; after an my first unsupervised trip to Mexico aged 18, I couldn’t wait for another chance to continue to learn about myself through travel but also about the wider world and the cultures that surround us. I’d find it impossible to resign myself to a localised lifestyle.

What is the most important during Colleen Williams travels?

The most important factor for me is that I learn something about the destination. Whether it’s the people, their culture, the lifestyle, the food, it’s history – the list could go on. I travel to learn about myself and the world. If I haven’t learnt or experienced something new then I certainly question whether I made the most of the trip.

What is the most important experience that you had during your travels?

Travel has broadened my mindset and my own outlook on life. One of the most important experiences that I’ve had is simply that we can never stop learning. Whether it’s through travel or by picking up and book and seeking inspiration, we can never know too much.

Visit every destination with the intention to make an impact and take away something to better yourself.

What is the most beautiful place that you have been to?

I’m a huge fan of scenic beaches and who can argue with a beautiful sunset, yet I appreciate architecture and the depth of thought and process that goes into creating some of the cities that I’ve been fortunate to visit.
I recently went to St. Petersburg in Russia and found that some of their architecture was stunning; the vivid design of Saint Basel’s Cathedral is simply impossible to capture by photo but it’s certainly engrained in my memory.
Similarly I admire Budapest, I was surprised at how pretty and quaint parts of the city were, especially at dusk.

Note, this answer is subject to change as my travel list grows!

What Colleen Williams avoid when travel?

I try to get involved as much as possible but I do have a fear of heights and of spiders. So dense woodland and exposed heights make me a little wary to say the least 😉

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What is Colleen Williams biggest travel dream?

Biggest dream…. to grow rich in travel and experience, building memories of a lifetime and sharing those experiences with my loved ones.

What are your favourite travelers? What blogs do you read?

I have quite a few bloggers that I admire and the list is ever-changing but my favourite travel blogs at the moment are: The Constant Rambler, TurnipSeed Travel and newbie blogger at ISaidMike.

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