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Complete Guide to Experiencing the Best of Disney for Free

When you think of visiting a theme park, the price might be the one thing that sours an otherwise appealing prospect.

Disney’s resorts are particularly expensive as an option for a family day out, and while you definitely get a lot of bang for your buck when you buy a ticket, it’s still enough to put some people off visiting in the first place.

The good news is that there are lots to see and do at Disney World which won’t cost you a penny, so here’s a quick guide to some totally free attractions that fans of the House of Mouse can access during a trip.

Membership Rewards Are Worth Redeeming

The first point to make is that if you’re an Annual Passholder at Disney World or any of the other resorts in this chain, you are already eligible for all sorts of rewards, perks, and benefits that are included in the cost of the ticket itself.

This includes free standard parking, free access to one-off events, free entertainment, and much more besides. A lot of this comes down to the timing of your visit, of course, so check in advance.

There are also other theme parks that have similar discounts and incentives; for example, you can learn all about Costco Universal Studios tickets and how to get hold of them affordably to make major savings.

There’s Plenty Of Fast, Free Transport To Enjoy

One thing that Disney knows how to do better than almost anyone else is ensuring that guests at its resorts can get from A to B with ease, and without having to pay for the privilege.

The perfect example of this is the monorail system at Disney World, which connects the accommodation, the parking lots, and the network of resorts that cluster together to form this vast entertainment complex.

The advantage of riding the monorail, aside from the fact that it’s free, comes from the brilliant view you’ll get of the sprawling expanse of Disney World, Epcot, and beyond.

There are also buses, boats, and even gondolas that can be hopped onboard to whisk you around. So if you want a dream vacation on a budget, it’s achievable here.

Amazing Wildlife Is On Display For All To See At The Animal Kingdom Lodge

Sure, if you want the full Animal Kingdom experience, you will need to pay to get into the full-blown wildlife resort.

However, the flora and fauna aren’t just limited to this area, because the Animal Kingdom Lodge is free to visit even if you’re not a paying guest, and you can still catch sight of incredible creatures from different parts of the world roaming nearby.

Obviously, it’s helpful if the weather is good on the day you visit, since if the conditions are too hot or too cold and rainy, you won’t want to be outside for long, and the animals might be hidden away. So checking the forecast and looking at averages for the time of year when your trip is scheduled is sensible.

Fireworks Are A Frequent Feature Of All Disney Resorts

We all know the famous animated Disney logo, featuring the mythical castle and capped with fireworks exploding above its spires and turrets. This is very much factored into the resort experience, as when night falls there are often pyrotechnic displays that light up the darkness with all the colors of the rainbow.

You don’t need to buy a ticket to any of the displays which are hosted on-site, and most can be seen from the hotels or simply by turning your eyes skyward at the right time.

Catch Some Flicks With Friends And Family

Last of all, another after-dark activity that is free to enjoy is the Movies Under the Stars project, which is another consistent feature found at various Disney resorts worldwide.

As the name suggests, it’s simply a case of getting together with a group of people to enjoy a showing of one of Disney’s classic films, all shown in outdoor settings.

So as you can see you don’t have to bring bags full of cash to enjoy Disney’s resorts; you just need a little know-how and research under your belt.

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