CouchSurfing review free accomodation for everybody!

couchsurfing review
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CouchSurfing review – free accomodation for everybody!

As we all know, the most expensive in traveling are transits and accomodation. What can we do to reduce these costs totally and having the time of our lives? It’s simple- you just have to join the Couchsurfing!

CouchSurfing idea ‘was born’ several years ago in the USA. One man loved to travel but he didn’t have enough money to do so. He was also very sociable and outgoing, he liked spending time with people. He decided to find someone who will let him stay in his home for free, show him a town, local customs etc. And he succeeded- he found even more people than he expected and this is how the Couchsuring began. Nowadays, this association has more than 5 million people around the world. It is a non-profit organization, so it didn’t make the inventor a millionaire. He just invented it for himself and for other people to travel easier, cheaper and more pleasant.

I am sure you must be thinking now- is it safe? Well, we have met over a dozen Couchsurfers now and they all were harmless ;). If you are careful enough, couchsurfing is safe even in countries considered as dangerous.

The more positive comments you have, the more credibility in the society you are.

It works like this: you sign up on , enter your data including the address.You are waiting 2-3 weeks (if you live in US, it’s faster) for a postcard with a special code, which you enter then into a special box on the website. After that you’re a full-fledged member, your account is verified, you can go to someone or take someone home.

OK, now what? Let’s say you want to go to Athens, Greece. So you are searching for all Couchsurfers living in this city. You are browsing their profiles, reading who they are, what are their views, housing, etc. You choose the one you like most and you write to him, asking if he can host you. If he agrees, you are talking about details f.e where will you meet, if you spend time together, and even whether you will prepare meals together or you will eat separately.

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Your host doesn’t have to feed you, go with you everywhere, and even give you sheets. Everything is to discussed before and it is an individual matter. Some will offer you a private room, kitchenette and bathroom, with others, living modestly, you will have to sleep in the same room on the mattress. Couchsurfers community is huge, so you can choose if you want 🙂

It also works the other way- you can be a host for someone else.

The idea is really brilliant! We are begginers so far, we are here for 2 years. This is a link to our profile.

Click, read, see how it works, because it is really worth!

Couchsurfing changed the life of many travellers. For example of our friend’s Josh. Check out this post to read his story: How CouchSurfing changed my life for the better.

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