Top 4 COVID-Friendly Travel Spots In Beautiful Austin

COVID-19 has brought about a lot of worry, anxiety, and stress. Everyone is taking the necessary precautions to ensure each other’s safety. But with all that in mind, you sometimes just want to get away and enjoy from time to time. If you are traveling through Austin, Texas, here are some spots you might be interested in.

Hit Up The Bar Scene

There are still many bars open and ready to help you relax and destress in Austin during these times. Most establishments in the heart of the city have outdoor seating and patios available, while some bars have indoor areas open as well.

Of course, there are restrictions in terms of the number of patrons permitted in certain spaces, so it is in your best interest to either arrive early or call in and make a reservation for places that are taking them.

If you aren’t looking to make the reservation with some plans on the fly or just want to see what is around, many of the bars that are open operate under a first-come, first-serve policy. Additionally, because it is COVID-19 times, the bars you go to will have a mask policy in place so remember to bring yours and adhere to their rules.

South Congress Avenue Bridge

Known as “The Bats” experience, the South Congress Avenue bridge is a popular tourist site that attracts many people. The bridge is home to roughly 1.5 million bats whose colony nests underneath the bridge.

If you are looking for a time to see and behold the sight of these creatures, wait until dusk, and you should see them flying around with the sunset, making for a picture-perfect opportunity.

This is an integral part of the city’s infrastructure, as any Austin car accident lawyer will remind you to practice safety while visiting this site. There are nearby trails where you can experience some outdoor time prior to your bat watching experience that is open and allows for social distancing.

Outdoor Hiking

Speaking of trails, the great outdoors provides plenty of opportunities to enjoy each other’s company and what a city has to offer with some hiking.

Ditch the regulations that you need to think about when inside certain businesses and take in some fresh air of the open air. The Barton Creek Greenbelt and Bull Creek Greenbelt provide great trails, waterfalls, and creeks to enjoy without the worry of overcrowding.

They do take reservations only when it comes to experiencing their environments, so make sure you factor that in with your visit to Austin

Barton Hills Farms

With COVID-19 restrictions, more of the activities and destinations you will be experiencing is going to be outdoors. Barton Hills Farms hosts an annual Fall Festival on their pumpkin patch, and that doesn’t change this year.

They are still open and operating, so feel free to do some pumpkin picking or take part in the other activities available on site. There is also food and drinks available. Just remember to bring your mask and continue to practice social distancing while taking in the fall festivities.

Regardless of what you prefer doing with your vacation or local getaway, it is important to remember you are in a pandemic. You absolutely deserve to rest and have fun. Follow and abide by the rules set in the local areas, and you will surely enjoy your time there.

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