Why Cruises Offer the Perfect Blend of Luxury and Adventure

why cruises offer the perfect blend of luxury and adventure
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Why Cruises Offer the Perfect Blend of Luxury and Adventure

Deciding on a vacation destination can be difficult, as you will often want a combination of both luxury and adventure which can be tricky to find in one location. It is for this reason that a cruise is the perfect choice, as it is the ideal mix and a unique way of vacationing which is sure to create many happy memories for years to come.

The travel becomes the holiday with a cruise. You spend days sailing the seas and then stopping off at a handful of fascinating port towns, which makes this comparable to a backpacking adventure. However, cruise ships are incredibly luxurious so you are sure to feel fully recharged once you return home making them the perfect balance of luxury and adventure, with not a hostel in sight.

No other type of holiday gives you the incredible opportunity to spend your days out exploring, zip wiring through the jungle or exploring the cobbled streets of an ancient city to then return home to a wonderful evening meal and spend your evening enjoying luxury accommodation. This is all before waking up in a brand-new country ready do it all over again.


The Adventure

A normal vacation will be to a single destination, but a cruise allows you to travel all around the world and you can visit places that not many people get to experience. In addition to the amazing travelling experience, you can also go on brilliant adventures at each port town. There are usually excursions organised by the cruise line, but you also have the option of heading off on your own adventure if you choose to do so, check out what’s happening in your cruise ports before your holiday starts to get the best deals on excursions you book externally. You can often view and book excursions when you book with specialists, including Bolsover Cruise Club who have an amazing variety of different adventure cruises available heading to exotic destinations around the globe.

One of the most impressive luxuries of a cruise is the variety you get to experience. No matter what type of adventures it is you’re seeking, you’ll be able to find the ideal cruise for you. Whether your idea of adventure is exploring European cities and soaking up a mix of different cultures, to visiting Caribbean islands and scuba diving in the coral reef, the variety of different cruises available means that there’s an adventure out there for everyone.  

In addition to this, a cruise encourages holiday-makers to make friends and step outside their comfort zone by socialising with new people and trying new activities. This personal development is always the sign of a good adventure. There’s also the added bonus of being able to be adventurous on board, with some cruises offering amazing facilitates like on board climbing walls and surf simulators, so even on your days at sea you’ll be able to enjoy some thrill seeking.

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The Luxury

A cruise is not all thrilling adventures and exploring new areas, as there is also the opportunity to enjoy the incredible luxuries that this type of holiday offers. Cruise liners are a fantastic way of travelling as they all have such impressive facilities on board for you to enjoy. You can spend days at sea relaxing on a sun lounger by an impressive pool, indulging in an onboard spa treatment or sauna, enjoying fine cuisine, or sipping a cocktail at a classy bar. The time you can spend on a cruise indulging in pampering yourself is invaluable after a long day of exciting adventures.

Depending on which cruise liner you decide to travel with you’ll be able to experience varying degrees of luxury. Some liners have their own speciality dining restaurants on board, so you can choose to enjoy luxury cuisine every single night of your cruise if you wish.

cruise Luxury and Adventure

Many cruise lines hold formal parties on board and this is an incredible experience where everybody dresses up and enjoys a sophisticated evening out at sea and under the stars. When you attend a formal dinner on the ship, you’ll have the opportunity to don your most fabulous dresses and smart tuxedo for a luxury dining experience that’s unforgettable. On most cruise lines, there’s also the opportunity to get professional photographs taken so you can have memories of the special night to take away with you long after the cruise is over.

Overall, a cruise is the perfect blend of luxury and adventure. You are sure to return home with dozens of fantastic tales to tell of the great adventures at sea and at exciting port towns around the world, but you can also recharge your batteries and indulge in luxury with the fabulous facilities onboard. On top of all this, you are likely to make new friends for life as you share your adventure with fellow passengers.

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