Custom phone cases review

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Custom phone cases review

Our baby girl, Mia was born few months ago. Since that time we are not traveling as much as we did in the past. We really miss our nomadic lifestyle! Thankfully, we have plenty of memories from our journeys. And hundred of thousands of photos. We thought it would be a good idea to get custom cases to have the best pictures from our travels always with us.

We were surprised how easy it is to make your own phone case. With just few clicks, we designed our dream cases.

Patryk doesn’t carry a bag, so he chose a wallet-type case. Now he has money, credit card, documents and iPhone at one place.

For me, it wasn’t a good solution. I need to have a wallet, cosmetics, tissues and phone always with me, so I carry a bag anyway. Now it needs to be even bigger because of Mia. I have to have a diaper, wet wipes and at least one toy for her.

We ordered our cases on GoCustomized website. It’s a global company that ships products to many countries in the world. We ordered them to Poland and it tooks just few days for the package to arrive.

The entire process of placing an order was super easy. We didn’t even need to upload our photos- we just took them from our Instagram account.

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The quality of our cases is great. As you know, our relationship is the best thing that we have in life. Even though we try, it’s not possible to be together always. Sometimes we need to go somewhere separately. It may sound crazy but even few hours apart is like eternity for us!

With our new cases, we can ‘see’ each other all the time, even when we are not physically together.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

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