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Four Great Places to Visit Around the World if You Love Cycling

The world is full of great places to cycle. 

Whether you want to follow famous cycle race routes or take your time exploring stunning mountainous terrain, if you love cycling, you’re sure to find some places on the following list that you’ll want to ride around.

What Should You Do if You’re Hit by a Car When Cycling?

Before we look at four of the great places to visit for a cycling trip, a quick word of advice. 

As long as you follow the rules of the road and cycle safely, you should be able to avoid accidents. But if you do end up in an accident while on a cycling vacation in another country, such as being hit by a car, you should follow the same steps as you would back home in the U.S. 

That means checking for injuries, swapping insurance details, taking photos of the accident scene, reporting the accident, and getting medical attention even if you don’t have any visible injuries. You may need to hire a lawyer, too.

Of course, you could be cycling in the U.S., where car and bicycle collisions are high. For example, dozens of cyclists are killed and thousands more are injured in road accidents in the state of Illinois each year alone. So, take extra caution when cycling on U.S. roads.


If you’re a fan of competitive cycling, you’ll have heard of the early-season race Strade Bianche, which takes place in Siena, Italy. Well, you can follow in the race’s “footsteps” by cycling the same roads.

Not only do you get to follow the course of the route via cycling on the local roads of Siena. You also get to see some magnificent scenery, such as cypress-lined roads that wind through olive groves and vineyards.

Cape Town 

South Africa has many wonders to explore. If you’re planning on cycling around Cape Town, the best route to follow is a section of Route 62, where you can ride through the beautiful Stellenbosch vineyards, and even stop to sample wines on the way. Just make sure you don’t drink too much.

After the vineyards, you’ll head to the superb semi-arid Karoo desert before moving on to the Koo Valley orchards and the Dutch village of Barrydale. Following this route, you’ll eventually arrive at the sea, where you could see whales and even visit a penguin colony.


If you love cycling among breathtaking scenery, you’ll want to consider taking a cycling trip around Stavanger in Norway. Mountains? Check. Waterfalls? Check. Cavernous fjords surrounded by forests? Check. Stavanger’s cycling routes really do have it all. 

You’re sure to be humbled by the grandeur of nature in these parts. Around the city of Stavanger, you can explore the lovely harbor that’s dotted with colorful wooden buildings. And from the bottom of Lysebotn, there’s an exciting climb that rises from the sea to a 6-mile-high rugged plateau.

The Nepal Himalayas

If mountain biking is your thing and you’re feeling adventurous, we’d recommend heading to the Nepal Himalayas. While you might not be able to cycle the whole 500 miles of the south-central Asia mountain range that winds from the Kali River eastwards to the Tista River, you’ll certainly enjoy riding along some of the area’s famous cycling routes.

One of the best routes is the Kali Horseshoe, which travels to the town of Gorkha. On the way, you’ll experience stunning views of the Marshyangdi River and the Annapurna Massif, which, at 26,545 feet above sea level, is the tenth highest mountain on the planet.

After climbing to the Kathmandu Valley rim, you get to have a more relaxed downhill journey, back to your starting point of Kathmandu.

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