10 differences between budget and luxury hotel

10 differences between budget and luxury hotel
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10 differences between budget and luxury hotel

Usually, the things that differs 3 and 5-star hotels are small details. Differences between budget and luxury hotel are not that easy to notice. You will have bed, bathroom and towels in every hotel. So why some hotels cost $50 for a night and some $5000? You will find answers below.

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1. Good quality of products– differences between budget and luxury hotel

Everything you get in luxury hotel is great. Quality of cosmetics, sheets, towels etc. is the best.

You can’t find anything better. And you can truly feel like a king when you are spending time there.


2. Space– differences between budget and luxury hotel

Ohh yes, you will always have a lot of space in luxury hotel, that’s what you pay for. You’ll have a place to relax and place to work in your room.

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Your bathroom will be spacious and there’ll be plenty of room to put your clothes.

differences between budget and luxury hotel

3. King-size beds– differences between budget and luxury hotel

This is our favorite! If you travel as a couple, you must know what a horror two single beds connected together are.

We like hugging when we are sleeping and it’s almost impossible if you don’t have one big bed. Two small beds are spreading apart and you can always feel the conjugation between them.


4. Bath and shower– differences between budget and luxury hotel

There’s always bath and shower in luxury hotel. You can decide whether you want to lie down in a bath and relax or take a quick shower and go somewhere else.

You will always get everything you need to wash yourself (shampoo, lotion, shower gel, even toothbrush and toothpaste).


5. Big TV with variety of channels– differences between budget and luxury hotel

No matter if you speak English, German, Russian, Spanish or French– you’ll always find TV channel in your language when you are in the luxury hotel.

Unfortunatelly Polish is not so popular, so it’s very rare to find something in our tongue… Nevertheless we still enjoy watching TV in English :).


6. Great staff– differences between budget and luxury hotel

Staff in luxury hotel is always helpful and nice. They speak perfect English, sometimes they know other languages.

You can ask them for anything and you can be sure they’ll be always there for you.

They know their cities well, so there’ll be no problem in getting directions from them.


7. Delicious breakfasts– differences between budget and luxury hotel

Everybody will find something for themselves to eat in luxury hotel. There are meals for vegetarians, meatlovers, people on diet and so on.

Everything is fresh and delicious!


8. Facilities– differences between budget and luxury hotel

There are a lot of amazing facilites in luxury hotel!

Some of them are: safe, bathrobes, sewing kit, slippers, iron, ironing board, coffemaker, laundry service and many many more 🙂


9. Minibar– differences between budget and luxury hotel

Depends on the hotel, you can get minibar in your room for free or pay extra for it.

You will have a lot of drinks and food to choose from.

10. Comfort– differences between budget and luxury hotel

The last and the most important one.

What you get in luxury hotel is COMFORT.

You feel like a king and you are surrounded by royal things. Great designs, white towels and sheets. There’s always AC in rooms and you’ll never hear any noise during your sleep.

Perfect 🙂


What do you prefer more? Luxury or budget hotel? Share your thoughts in comments!

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    This is a fantastic list and one I am saving for when we finally go to vacations .

    The post is really fantastic to see there are so many beautiful places catering for families.The private beach sounds particularly appealing to me!

    I must say that if you are going on vacation you must choose luxury hotel instead of budget.
    luxury hotels provide concierge service while budget hotels usually don’t. When there is a concierge service, your needs will be better taken care of. If you need anything, just give the front desk a call, and they will gladly assist you. Many guests are willing to pay for this convenience.

    Thanks for the share.
    Keep doing good work.
    God Bless U!:)


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