One World, Different Religions. We Are All The Same.

Chinese man praying in a temple
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One World, Different Religions. We Are All The Same.

We are traveling the world for more than 3 years now. We have spent the last 6 months in South East Asia. We’ve visited many countries, with different cultures and local habits. The world may be diversified but when you look closely, you will soon notice that all the people are the same. So why do we have different religions?

We are both quite spiritual. We are trying to find the meaning of life, to understand why we are here, in this world. We were both born and raised in a strictly Catholic society. We were told that Christianity is the only good religion and everything else is just wrong. Can you believe, that we’ve actually been told that Buddhist talismans are the sources of evil and wearing them can get you possessed?

We’ve always been full of questions because we really feel there is something more than just a life and death. We feel the help of Something Bigger, that is called God, Jahwe or Allah, it all depends on the religion.

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Anyways, we know that there must be a deeper meaning to life. It is not true that everything has its beginning and its end. Nothing ever ends! It just changes into something different. The world is eternal, and so do we. We are pretty sure about that.

So our first big journey was a trip to Thailand, the Buddhist country. We’ve been watching people praying in the temples and they didn’t look like they were unhappy or possessed by any kind of demons. We’ve been talking to them and observing their everyday life. After a few days, we knew one thing- they are just like us. They don’t worship our God but it’s all about the same thing: about being a good person and not hurting anyone.

Then we traveled to Vietnam. And we talked with an Atheist. She didn’t believe in any God. She told us that she only believes in herself. She thinks that she should be a good person and that is all that matters. She said that she will disappear after she dies but still she should do good to others when she is alive. Not because she is afraid of the hell or anything, but because she feels it is the right thing to do.

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Different religions one world

The last two months we have spent in Malaysia, the Muslim country. We’ve been seeing women wearing hijab every day. We’ve seen people praying and fasting during Ramadan time. They were all doing this because they felt it was the right thing. They wanted to be good to God and other people.

After observing all these nations and behaviors, we have one conclusion: we are all the same. Every religion and every belief is about the one thing: being a good person.

St. Francis Xavier Church in Melacca

We are all the part of something Big. We are not alone in this world, we are all connected to each other. It doesn’t matter what your faith is. The world is really simple, you can call it yin and yang or good and evil. The principles are always the same, regardless of religion: we are surrounded by two kinds of energies. The light and dark one. it’s up to you which one you will choose to live with. There is also love which is unconditional and unmeasurable. Love is the God/ the Creator/ Jahwe/ Allah etc. He is who he is. He is everywhere and he is everything. You can’t understand him but you can feel him.

He loves and accepts everything, including evil powers. He lets them be. We are all a part of him, every single one of us can do anything he wants. He will never stop us. The force that is stopping us is dark energy. It says to us that we are not good enough, that we don’t deserve having something, that it is possible for us to achieve our goal. The funny thing is that it doesn’t have any power though. It will do everything to convince us and others to stop us but it cannot do anything by itself.

Big Buddha temple in Pattaya

So when you are trying to fulfill your dream, you will have countless failures. It is because dark energy wants you to stop believing in yourself and give up. That’s its main goal. What you don’t know is that it will only disturb you for a while. After many failures, it will give up and focus on something different. And you will be left with the light energy that will help you accomplish incredible things! THAT is when the magic begins. You are left with pure love and happiness. You are a successful person. And now the dark energy will come to you again. It will try to make you a greedy, jealous and just bad. But you won’t let it.

And so the story continues. There are few people that we know about that have never given up. Some of them are Jesus, Mahomet, and Buddha.

the Temple of the Emerald Buddha in Bangkok

We can all be just like them. All we need to do is to NEVER believe that dark energy has any power over us. It is that simple and yet extremely difficult.

The more light energy we will have, the more united we will be with a Universe. We will stop hating and start accepting everything and everywhere. We will allow the bigger part of God to live inside us.

We have no idea what will happen next. In our personal opinion, we will understand it after death. We will go to a higher dimension but never disappear. Our souls, as a part of God and Everything, will never die.

We are in this world for a particular reason, it cannot be different. And the goal for all of us should be to find this reason. And become as united with the Universe, as it is possible.

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  1. I agree with everything you said.
    “we are all the same. Every religion and every belief is about the one thing: being a good person.”
    I’ve been living with this in mind ever since I was old enough to think for myself.

    As a Portuguese my background is catholic, but my father was a black belt in Karate and used to teach other people. He loved everything related to Asia, the culture, the philosophy and the mindset. When I was old enough, I learned about the differences in religion and found a common ground in all of them – be good, do good.

    Also a fun fact about Buddhism: Buddha never intended to be seen as a God. He just achieved the nirvana and people started worshipping him because of that. I really like the idea of not doing any harm to any living thing (even the most disgusting bug!).

    • It’s interesting! But we think Jesus also didn’t want to be considered as God. He said he is the son of God and that we are all brothers and sister. He also said that we can be just like him or even better!


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