Dominican Republic- Expectations vs Reality

Dominican Republic- Expectations vs Reality
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Dominican Republic- Expectations vs Reality

Before we go to Dominican Republic , we read a lot about this country.

Many people said that Dominican is one of the happiest nation on the world. So we were expecting something amazing. Tropical weather, sandy beaches, palm trees, friendly people…

Now, when we are back home, we can see that some informations on web are true, some not. Below you can see what is REAL Dominican Republic.

Dominican people


They are friendly, helpful and happy. They love dancing and singing, they never worry, never hurry, they love rum and cigarets.


They are friendly and helpful but usually because they expect tips from you. They think you have a lot of money and they do everything to get some of them from you. They like singing but they don’t dance that much. They seem stressed sometimes but they never hurry. They like rum but have never seen any Dominican smoking cigarettes.


Dominican Republic


Paradise. Country of sandy beaches, rum, cigarets, beautiful sea and palm trees. Heaven on earth. A place you would never want to leave once you get there.


Beautiful country but a little too hot. Amazing sea, delicious rum and cigarets. Country of poverty with trash everywhere you look (expect from the places tourist visit the most). Country of insects (especially mosquitos) who bite every inch of your body. 


Things to do in Dominican Republic


You will never get bored here! How can you be bored of beach, sand and sea? It’s impossible to wish to run away from the paradise.


Lying on the beach everyday is extremely boring after few days. Except from waterfalls, Santo Domingo, mountains and boogies there’s nothing to do on Dominican Republic. It is a good country for relaxing not for sightseeing.


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  1. there IS lot to see here, especially if you are here for the first ime…

    agree on trash.

    dont agree that Dominicans do not dance. THEY DO. but not always of course

    yes they want money but are friendly, nice and warm anyway, so…

    • Well, you have the right to have your subjective opinion, just like we do. We wrote about what WE saw in Dominican Republic :).


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