How do we earn money for our travels?
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How do we earn money for our travels?

This question certainly bothers many of you- how do we earn money to travel around the world?

We don’t have wealthy parents or sponsors who pay for our trips.

We pay for EVERYTHING from our earnings.

At the beginning of our relationship, we decided that we will explore the world together. So we had to figure out from where to earn money.

It is obvious that if you still change the place of living,  the only option for you is working on the Internet.

Neither of us is a programmer or graphic designer, we do not have any special skills, so we decided that the fastest and most efficient way for us is coming up with profitable business.

And so we did :). We work in an e-commerce company. We have staff who deal with the current service. We are working on the development and we overdub current issues.

During our travels, we always work from 4 to 10 hours a day. This is usually a few hours in the morning before sightseeing and a few hours in the evening when we go back to the hotel.

We love in our work independence, flexibility and the fact that we are truly masters of our fates. It depends on us when we work and how much we will focus on multiplying profits.

The principle is simple-the more we work, the more money we earn.



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