Eating fried insects in Thailand

Eating fried insects in Thailand
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Eating fried insects in Thailand

Some people say that they are disgusting, some are willing to try them. INSECTS. Eating fried insects in Thailand was on our bucket list but it was very difficult to find them!

They are not as popular in Thailand as they are considered to be.

In fact, we were searching for them for few weeks. We finally found them on Saturday Night Market in Chiang Mai.

This bazar was huge and there was only one women selling fried bucks. We are still not sure if it was something for locals or for brave tourists.
Karolina eating fried insects

Anyways, we decided to try them.

We don’t regret it but we wouldn’t do it again in the future. It’s just too weird for us!

Fried insects for sale in Thailand

The most popular fried insects you can find in Thailand are:

1. Mealworm beetle.

The biggest fried insect we saw. It has eyes that are looking at you! Even now, when we are writing this post, we feel a mixture of disgust and curiosity

Beetle taste like potatoes. It is not that bad. If you close your eyes and eat it, there may be a chance that you will even like it!

Fried mealworm beetle

2. Larvae.

Fried larvae is soft and taste like popping rice.

It is pretty good, it’s one of the best insects we have eaten.
Fried larvaes in Thailand

3. Smallest shrimps.

It’s not the official name of these insects. We couldn’t find it anywhere, so we just called these bugs ‘smallest shrimps‘.

They are pretty good! There’s almost nothing disgusting in eating them maybe because they are too small to notice their eyes ;).
Fried insects in Thailand

4. Geotrupidae.

Definately the worst bugs we have tried!

It is so disgusting that we want to puke at the thought of it. Ughh…
Eating fried insects in Thailand

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What do you think about eating fried insects in Thailand? Would you try them?

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