A Guide to the Iconic Everest Base Camp Trek and Walking Holidays

A Guide to the Iconic Everest Base Camp Trek and Walking Holidays
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A Guide to the Iconic Everest Base Camp Trek and Walking Holidays

Mount Everest is one of the most breathtaking, beautiful and fascinating places on the entire planet. As the highest mountain on Earth, conquering Mount Everest is constantly used as a metaphor for an extremely challenging and difficult task. The beginning of any summit attempt begins at the Everest Base Camp, which is an amazing place at the foot of the almighty mountain and the beginning of astonishing adventures.

A Unique Experience

Anybody that enjoys walking holidays or being in the great outdoors should consider an Everest Base Camp trek. Although challenging, this is an achievable goal for many and an unforgettable experience. This will give you mesmerising views, enable you to get up close to the legendary mountain and also allow you to soak up the incredible atmosphere you find at base camp. Here you can witness expedition parties preparing to begin the quest of a lifetime, seeing a great deal of excitement, anxiety and anticipation swirling around the Nepal-based camp.

An Iconic Trail

The trail to this world-famous base camp has become iconic, attracting adventure seekers from all around the planet each and every year who follow the trail with a group and lead by an expert. After arriving in Kathmandu, the once-in-a-lifetime trip starts with an astonishing flight to Lukla (2,800m) where you then trek to Phakding.

The following day consists of following the Dudh Kosi, where you trek through an epic and colourful forest and get your first glimpse of Everest – something that you will certainly never forget. As you continue to ascend you will arrive at the fascinating and lively Sherpa villages. Acclimatisation walks follow this where you will explore higher villages and dramatic peaks, before another trek the following day through the Sherpa heartland to the peaceful Thynagboche monastery.

The next few days are spent acclimatising and ascending, where you will see the breathtaking beauty of the surrounding Himalayan peaks as you edge closer Everest. It is usually around day 11 where you finally reach Mount Everest Base Camp at the foot of the magnificent Khumbu Ice Fall.


The Base Camp

For the best experience, you should book your trek with companies that specialise in walking holidays. This includes companies like Exodus, who can take you to the actual base camp and further than most tour groups. You also get the opportunity to explore the area, talk to Sherpas and watch climbers ascend the Ice Fall. Exploring the Base Camp will prove to be the highlight of the trip and an experience that you never forget, as there is an amazing atmosphere to enjoy here at the foot of the world’s most imposing and famous mountain.

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This is one of the world’s greatest trails and a wonderful experience which will give you a new found respect for those that attempt to conquer Everest. In addition to the sublime views and seeing Everest up close, this journey shows you unique Sherpa culture. You will also be blown away by the warmth of the Nepalese people and their generosity, as they help to make every stage of your trip as enjoyable and memorable as possible.


Personal Achievement

The trek will also provide you with a real sense of personal achievement, as it is a difficult (yet achievable) physical challenge. You do not need prior trekking experience, but it is recommended that you get in shape with regular cardiovascular exercise and long walks. Nothing can prepare you for the lofty altitude, but being fit is a must.

Finally, many people find that they make friends for life on this adventure. You will be trekking with like-minded people and there is a real team-based mentality as you ascend to the foot of the mountain and work together through the daily challenges. All of this ensures that this is one of the great adventures that you can undertake and a life-changing experience.

Other Walking Holidays

The Everest Base Camp is an iconic Himalayan trek, but there are dozens of other excellent walking and trekking holidays all around the globe to consider that may be great for your health. A few great alternatives include trekking the classic Inca Trail where you can visit Machu Picchu, seeing the curvature of the Earth on the less-explored Lemosho Route of Kilimanjaro and trekking through the remote gorges and valleys of the High Atlas range. Walking and trekking holiday specialists can offer all of these trips and more. This will also guarantee that you get the best accommodation, guides, food and itineraries.

Walking and trekking holidays are a great way to challenge yourself, see some of the most breathtaking and remote places in the world and experience unique cultures. Perhaps the greatest trek of all is to Mount Everest Base Camp, where you travel along an iconic and mesmerising path to the foot of one of Earth’s most jaw-dropping sites and an area where brave teams prepare for one of the most challenging and storied quests – conquering the mighty Mount Everest.

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