Helpful Tips For Luxury Travel With A Family

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Is Luxury Travel Possible As A Family?

There is a certain perception of the luxury traveler, and that usually doesn’t include having a toddler in tow. Family travel usually focuses on different things, other than luxury. If you’re busy looking for a hotel with a good kids club, your priority probably shifts away from a high-end spa and five-star service. If you’re not ready to give up the luxury life just because you have children, can you do luxury travel as a family?

Do Your Research On Hotels

Not all chic hotels are child-free zones. If you look around, you will be able to find some family hotels with luxury living in mind. Read reviews carefully; the balance between luxury and child-friendly is difficult so be sure your venue of choice gets that balance right. You’re looking for a hotel that strives to offer the ultimate guest experience for guests of all ages. 

Check the hotel’s website, and read all the information and any blogs, like the Borgata blog. Look for details on the kid’s club and any activities that they offer for children. Do they serve children in the restaurant? Is there a kids’ option on the room service menu? Is there a lifeguard at the pool, or a smaller pool for children?  

Look at reviews and photos uploaded by guests that show you what the marketing pictures won’t show. This helps you see through resorts that claim to be family-friendly but actually have no children’s menu, a tiny beach or no proper kid’s club. 

You always want to avoid a resort that is designed only for families, as it’s unlikely that you’ll get much luxury at a resort like this. There are some clues to spot this. Is the showpiece of the hotel a water slide for kids? Is there no pool for adults only, or no section of rooms for travelers with children? This is a giveaway. 

Depending on the hotel, luxury resorts can be better for families. Rooms tend to be more spacious, which is ideal for small children who want to play. Access to free snacks or more TV channels may also make your day easier. If you’re the sort of parent who likes to challenge their children, a more interesting kid’s menu might suit you too. Luxury hotels might have more unusual kids options than classic chicken nuggets or fish fingers. Cruises or all-inclusive resorts can be best for this, especially those that offer buffet meals. 

Try Self-Catering

Hiring a fabulous villa can be just as luxurious as a hotel. You can stay somewhere beautiful, with a private pool and a hot tub, and have the luxe experience without worrying whether your kids will find something to eat at the restaurant or if the other visitors are finding your toddler’s pool playing too loud. If you’re lucky, you might even find a villa that comes with a housekeeper or a chef, to really keep things luxurious. 

Managing The Flight

Long-haul flights, whether you’re in economy or business class, are always going to be a challenge with children. If you’re traveling in more expensive seats, there’s even more pressure to keep the kids happy so they’re not disturbing other passengers. 

Prioritize comfort. Airplanes can be cold places, so prepare for low temperatures. Bring a warm hoodie for them to put on, or maybe some fluffy socks so they can take off their shoes for comfier feet. Pack a cozy blanket in your carry-on. You and the kids can use it to curl up under for a nap or just to keep warm if the plane is cold. 

Make sure you have some entertainment with you. You could try giving them your phone to take pictures and videos of their flight experience. Before you get on the plane, download some fun apps, episodes of a TV series or movies to keep the kids busy with a screen. Remember to pack headphones! 

Pack some toys that don’t make any noise in the carryon bags. Sticker books, coloring books or small puzzles work well for this. Bring some books; both old favorites and some new ones. 

Know Your Kids

The best way to get along on a luxury trip as a family is to know your children well. How will they find time in a luxury hotel? Would they be happier in a more classic family hotel? If your children are well-behaved, like to try new foods and enjoy chatting to new people, they’ll probably do well in a luxury resort. 

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